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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The AVENGERS (2012) Movie Review

Alright I should've posted this earlier cuz' YESTERDAY, I just went to watch Men In Black 3. Yes I know, it may get all of you excited like mama's palooza rectum but I'll do that maybe tomorrow. Usually within the next few days.

But now we're TALKING! ABOUT THE AVENGERS! YA >:D I watched this like about around May and it was awesome. There was many funny parts in this movie. Like literally a lot. Almost every scene does. 

I don't even know if I should start from beginning to end. Would that be a waste of time? Yes. So spoilers ahead, don't want them? Leave :)

Alright. So in the first scene we hear the Chitaurian leader talking sh**. About we humans gonna burn. Our mischievous Loki found them and it's the army he receives. 

He's engaged to take this role of leading the Chitauri alien race as to create a hell out of Earth. Then later on, we skipped to the scene at one of SHIELD's base. Right after the camera goes into the Tesseract. The one took from the ship in the movie "Captain America: The First Avenger". 

Took it from the water. When Steve crashes the plane into the freezing ice ages. And SHIELD somehow finds him alive. Amazingly Steve was still sleeping after the de-ice his body. And woke up in the hospital. 

We came to the scene where Doctor Selvig, Nick and Clint was in. Clint was mainly Hawkeye. Clint Barton. Incase you people didn't know, he appeared in Thor's movie. Go see this scene here... Yeah this video shows only a dude holding an arrow as to not revealing Clint's face. Oh well. No others on YouTube. I dunno, people may not notice that's Hawkeye (Clint) up there. 

Lol XD

Alright. Anyways...they were examining the Tesseract. It came powerful and project opened a portal at the precised distance. And Loki went through having the portal to burn off as it closes behind him.

Nick starts to ask him to drop his spear which happens to release some alien sorcery. I dunno what it is, but it is powerful. I'm not sure, now that I talk about it. I'm confused what that is.

I assume it may contain the power of the Tesseract. Maybe not. Cause later we see him overtaking Selvig and Clint's body with the spear pointed onto their heart area. 

Loki attacks the soldiers of SHIELD. The Tesseract's source suddenly goes to the circular half ceiling and consume that part first. The entire building starts to vibrate or so. Loki and the two escapes off base. 

People went to chase them off but couldn't. Nick went into the helicopter and the pilot took it off. Then the ground starts cracking as it's about to get consumed from below the surface. 

Or so whatever sh**. But it only consumed the building base and a few metres surrounding the building. The main cast we know survived. Loki crouching at the back shoots down the chopper Nick was in.

Nick jumped out. And they well? Contacted each other a while. I'm not sure about this but I think the title just went on. And it wasn't even the same like it was in the trailer. They used Bank Gothic font and that's cheap.

I know it's the MW3 or Battlefield fonts but really? They couldn't use this sh**...

It was good and they used another design. But oh well. I could only care less from now on. Then we go onto the interrogation scene. Where Natasha was kidnapped by some Latin military or whoever they are.

I don't even know how the heck Black Widow gets caught. Probably knocked out or something. Then Phil calls in and threatens the military people in there to give Natasha the phone or else they'll blow the place up with C4 planted all over unnoticed. 

Then the General takes the phone back and oh! Booby shaking. Lol XD But they're not that big and I'm not expecting it to be cause even though I love huge melons. It'll look really retarded and off. 

But she kicks the ass out of those people. Walks off to the exit with her bare footed as she just hangs her high heels by her fingers. Then later we see a little Indian girl running throughout the markets of India. Went up the stairs of a house. 

And that's when we find our Hulk. Banner was in the house. Cleaning himself up in the sink. He starts to speak Latin which I have no aware of. But he apparently has been in India for quite a long amount of time.

He has to avoid people so he doesn't become the Hulk. Would scare everyone and that's it. The girl made Banner chase her to a small abandoned house which I think is where Banner stays in his main time.

Then Natasha pops in after her interrogation. Talks to Banner about the Tesseract. Ish. Then wow, I get kinda shock when he tested Natasha. "STOP LYING TO ME!" he said. Wow, it scared me and after that he just presumed he's trying to know what Natasha does.

But if he were to turn into the Hulk? It would get really off cuz' the movie just started like 20 minutes already and actions shouldn't be this big this far. 

Other than that. Banner tries to act nice and gentle. Then Natasha blew the cover that there are guards standing outside and military jeeps. Okay after that we just need to know that Natasha takes Banner to the SHIELD aircraft carrier.

Aww!!! You know what, I've been talking sh** about what happened before this paragraph. And I don't wanna go any further simply because it's a huge wasted amount of time. 

So just go to this link right here! [link]

And HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) made a parody of how the movie should've went. But it was really nothing to tell you. Everything went on the same except the just make fun of some scenes.

Here's the video...
Then yeah I think all this just goes to the Super Hero Cafe in this video. Yeah they talked with Superman and Batman. It was hilarious.

I don't get the jealous part. What's with all the box office money popping up there? Seriously? What's the point of that joke? I mean, other blockbuster films have also hit the box office money, why didn't that show up?

Weird :\

And I guess Daniel didn't even drew Banner himself. Kept himself as the Hulk. But it's up for an artist to decide whether he wants to draw Banner in human form or not. 

Not mine. So as I said, I will be pointless to pull out a SPAZ 12 Shotgun. 

Haha, yes :) But I'm just kidding. I meant there's no point forcing someone to do something if they refuse to/don't know about. They can find it out themselves or someday decided it's time to do it.

And wise people pretty much get what I mean. Well other than all this...I'll just get onto the characters so we can see my loved parts for the movie.

First we're gonna go through Steve... AKA Captain America.

I dunno, somehow I just think he'll come first. Lol XD

So yeah the costume makeover was not bad. I gotta say it looks really simple to be factual. I like that they added those metal curves or whatever you call it. Really sweet. Although I wish they remained the red circle with a white star in it. 

They would've rocked. They made massive amount of changes to his suit. They took out every overlapping layers of it. Stitch it all up together. And it looks like pure fabric if you ask me. Or is it leather? I dunno, I'm not a tailor. 

But I like it that the star on the chest was metal. Sweet touch. Then the belts and straps or suspenders run down the shoulders to the waist was now just plain. Cut off. The lower torso part is now white and stripped off with red. 

I love it that they gave him the red glove that has a long wrist cover. Rubber. A utility belt. And some sweet secured boots. I'm still impressed Steve knew how to wear his new uniform.

The part I loved was also when he told the cops to make perimeters and's awesome. The cop was like "Why should we listen to you?". And then some of the Chitauri came down and attack Steve.

Steve deformed them. And then the cop is obviously like. Oh sh** I better listen to him or else I'll get my ass whooped. But he had to know Steve means no harm. 

Lol XD And then now we're onto Tony Stark, Iron Man.

Now I still like it that he kept the Mark 6 armor on. I like Iron Man that he has a triangle up-side chest window instead of the circle one like in the comics and series.

It would suck. But this is real life, let's face it. Heh heh :D But the part where he fought with Thor. Thor is like the ancient God. He's a God dude. And Iron Man is just the man with an arc reactor heart and in a massive suit. 

What's that suppose the benefit? Thor could've win this. Also how did Steve's shield deflect the Mjolnir? It's a piece of weapon from Asgard. But suddenly after the fight...

Thor is allied now? What the sh**. And oh crap, am I talking about Tony or am I talking about Thor? I dunno, I just had to talk about this scene here...  Yeah sorry for poor quality. Come on, the DVD is not out yet. Dunno when it'll ever be. But yes, Steve jump down and said oh "That's enough!". Wow, he's the boss right now.

Thor is a god. He changed now he's going all caps rage to deny Steve telling him to drop the hammer. What is he? Thor-hulk? Exactly. 

And to be honest, how could Tony's suit survive such an impact from thunders striking his suit? And still be able to fire at Thor? Yes and directly after the end of this video...Steve asks if they're done.

And wow, Thor suddenly stops going all rage? Things have toned down didn't they? Lol XD Now I'm seeing a lot of question marks here. Which for now, we'll talk about Thor. 

Yeah sorry about the border. Nevermind...

But I really like this suit of his. The metal just goes down like a zip line of your shirt. Awesome. But he didn't have the gills on the upper arm.

This must be his alternative suit. Not sure but it may not. Not confirming that is. But I like it. Well suddenly at the war part he has the gills on. 

There's an exclusive clip of Steve and Thor fighting the  Yeah! Notice changed. Must be reconstructed after he fall off from the aircraft carrier in the cage. He fell...then the Mjolnir is on the grass.

He lifts and points it at the sky and the he starts creating a typhoon with his hammer. And earn the Mjolnir. Just like he did in his own movie. 

And he also gets to fight the Hulk! Just like he did in the cartoon series. I saw one episode where Hulk goes berserk and versus the other avengers.

Wow. He could lift the hammer. To be factual, Hulk's strength doesn't have a limit. So it'll be time for him to lift the Mjolnir.  Yeah well? It was awesome. And Thor had nosebleed, nice :) But wow...just like when he went to fought the Frost Giants. Called Thor a name? He strike you with the Mjolnir.

But Hulk wanna fight, bring it. I like it when after he got thrown...he waits for the right moment. Just when Banner is about to reach Thor.

BAM! The Hulk gets hit just like he did in the cartoon series. Fantastic! Ha! Other than that...umm...

If you guys dunno what I'm talking about, watch this scene when Hulk goes berserk attacking the other Avengers... See? But of course, everything was just wrecked up. Pieces everywhere. To be honest, I never really watched this series before. 

FrankenWeenie (2012) REVIEW

So I hadn't really wrote anything about my review on this movie yet. It's a 2012 animated stop motion film named Frankenweenie. The title's kinda weird. I don't see any weenie in this boy.

Neither is it in the dog, dunno what's so "weenie" about this two characters. So it's basically a short story of a boy named Victor. He's just like every kid we see at home.

Well except for this film, it's all wicked and black&white. That it's just how they portrait this movie to be. So Victor had done passionate things with his dog named Sparky in his childhood life.

Until one day, Victor had a home run baseball game in his school. Victor was there with his parents. Sparky was tied to the handles of the baseball audience seats and got lose.

You know, for the fact that Victor's lovely mother wasn't even surprised that Sparky got lose. She's just "Sparky". She didn't even yell or anything. 

She didn't even inhale surprisingly and go after Sparky. But she would've done an embarassing act. So Sparky ran through the fence door and enters the field.

Sparky wanted to make the run for it. But the ball went too far till it hits the edge of the walkway on the other side.

Sparky couldn't make it all the way to the other walkway near the baseball field. Halfway, Sparky got run over by a car. The driver stopped, went down to see what was in the road of the car. It was Sparky.

The baseball rolled to the baseball walkway side, which reveals the demise of Victor's beloved pet. It was really sad. But the story doesn't end here obviously :)

So Victor and his family dug a hole in the pet's cemetery with a tombstone of course. In memories of his beloved dog, Victor treasured every living moment he had with Sparky. It was sad indeed :\

Then one day in school with Victor's broken heart in class, Victor had learnt that reviving an animal, even us humans, can be done using electricity. Sparky is raised the sunroof where Victor's small laboratory in the attic is. It was thunder raining outside.

Then it rains. One of the thunder struck Sparky's body clothed. And Sparky had nails on his neck just like Frankenstein had. Had sewed together limbs or parts of the body just like Frankenstein had.

Just that this time it's a dog. Victor at first cried into slight tears but later felt the movement of Sparky's tail and the lick of Sparky's tongue. Victor takes a small stand back.

The cloth soon unfolds Sparky's functioning eyes. It seems that Sparky still remembers who Victor is fortunately. Why wouldn't it be? :)

As Victor would ensure Sparky will not go through anymore harm and eventually, death...Victor keeps Sparky hidden in his attic. And Sparky didn't need food but just electricity.

And his mom discovered that Sparky is alive after a few weeks of his revival. And then...our bastard character over here.

Who's named Edgar. A hunched back boy who is crazed in the head. And he however discovers Sparky's existence. Which is real of course.

Sparky escaped as Edgar would be wise enough to not chase after seeing an alive dog that was announced dead. 

So with that, Edgar went to Victor's house to talk to him. And he only gave Victor a few clues to what he saw as to not ruin the surprise just yet.

Then later, at some point in the morning of a day, Edgar had breakfast with Victor with his parents still around in this house. As they talk, Victor soon finds out that Edgar knew the truth but only couldn't know how it's done.

Victor gave Edgar the secret of Sparky's resurrection. Then Edgar bought a piranha if I'm not wrong. And tested out using the same method. As a result, Edgar find it rather peculiar that his fish went missing.

But when he reaches a finger within the jar that he kept the piranha in, there was a bite. Edgar soon figured it out that that piranha is invisible. 

Only when light is shined onto the glass, it can be shown that the fish is actually there. Just that we see it's skeletal structure. 

Edgar is indeed a bastard. Edgar later went to find Nassor and Toshiaki to let them see what he saw in that jar.

So later at that night, Victor's closest classmates all soon uncovered the truth as they all have pets. Some are dead, some are still alive but just useless. Like that cat that's with the girl. We'll call her "The weird girl"

So Nassor, Toshiaki and Bob resurrects their pets too. Well for Elsa her cat got electrified too.

And you know Victor's mentor, Mr. Rzykruski told him that if you revive a dead being for good, then they'll be grateful as they were before they die. Just like Sparky. 

If you did it not for the right intentions, then they'll all turn into freakin' monsters. Like Toshiaki's turtle turns into a turtle-ZILLA and stumps everything in it's path. And Bob's sea monkeys or whatever starts go around being rascals.

And Nassor's hamster or guinea pig or whatever rat it is. Is just a slow moving rodent in terms of it's size. But soon later dies when Mr. Big Turtle of Toshiaki's stumped and killed Nassor's rodent. 

I guess it's supposed to be a mummy rodent or something. It should be and it is mostly likely to be. 

And the weird girl's cat turns into a mutated fierceness black-furred cat. With sharp teeth. Oh yeah, now I get this correct. Edgar bought the fish first which is currently dead. 

But asks Victor to revive it. Revived and the fish was actually just a normal fish before Edgar asks Victor to revive it. But it became a piranha after revival. 

And so that fish, I dunno what happened to it. Probably died or something. Or left alone in Edgar's room. I dunno =P Most likely in Edgar's room as I can imagine.

So all the mutated monsters started attacking the town and Victor and his classmates have to figure out just how they can stop this madness.

Apparently the sea monkeys are allergic to something which causes them to explode as a result of death. And the turtle-zilla shrunk and died. I dunno how that happened. 

Probably excessive current provided by the lightning. So then we come back to the weird girl where she was carried by her own bat-cat. And later a mob went after Victor and his dog. The mob blamed Sparky that it was that dog's fault that costed Elsa's disappearance.

They soon chased after Sparky while it runs to the windmill where Elsa and Mr. Whiskers (the bat-cat) are. Yeah I just found that out. Lol XD

Anyways, Sparky went in. But Victor stopped them and the Mayor who's also in the mob. Argued with Victor and his parents apparently.

The Mayor was unaware that his torch was so close to the windmill's walls. The lighthouse soons lights up on fire. And Sparky is in trouble. Elsa was however, safe.

And Mr. Whiskers battles Sparky off inside the demolishing windmill. Sparky was dragged back in after he tried to got out by Mr. Whiskers. Bad kitty, bad!

A shard of wood soon pierced through Mr.Whiskers and dies. Sparky was later dragged out from the pile of windmill wood. And there's still hope.

So? So the mob soon show sympathy and helps Victor to revive his dog once again. Using all their car batteries to reanimate Sparky. 

Sparky later wakes up. And Victor was once again...happy :) To see Sparky is alive again. And then later Elsa's dog soon shows pet love with Sparky. Well Sparky already knew Elsa's dog as Elsa and Victor are neighbors. 

Sparky and Elsa's dog are neighbors. Oh yeah wait, the name is Persephone. That's a pretty cool name, I have to admit. And I now just got reminded that Elsa is the daughter of the Mayor. Lol XD

So Persephone and Sparky fell in love at the end and that was it. The people who were a mob clapped due to knowing that Sparky is alive.

And that was it. Now Victor lives with a dog who lives on electricity. And that was it. The End. 

It was a really lovely movie. I had to say. My favourite :) I had to say, Tim Burton does good in these animations. Love it.

Even though I didn't knew much about him except for the fact that he does these kind of animations. So I feel grateful for him. Acceptance.

Alright so I guess that marks the end of my review here. I love this story. And you all should love it too. And all the while, goodbye for now.

Comment, share and get more viewers. Bye! :)