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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I got the solution! :D (almost...)

If you've read my post about how I had my detrimental PC...then you'll be knowing what I'm talking about :) If you don't ):<...go here -> [link] 

Lol XD Anyways I've seen a couple of videos on YouTube on how to replace the power supply unit. And replacement was I think...the only way to fix the power supply.

Once you have burnt circuits, it wouldn't affect the motherboard, RAMs, generator fan...all that you have to do was to replace the power supply with it's wire.

Fortunately for me, I have one on the left of my table. Just sitting there. Good thing my mom decided to bring one from the office.

Lucky me :D Yay!!! X3

But the only least bad news was that I can't do it with my mom and and dad at home. Neither can I have my brother or sister around. This four people has to leave me alone so they wouldn't worry their ass about what I'm doing.

You know, I got the feeling that they don't trust me. I know they care for me but come on, I know what I'm doing. Serious.

It's not like I'm stupid enough to remain the CPU on and have myself shocked to death. Unless you're this idiot right here... Lol XD I laughed when I saw the entire prank video that came to be from Just for Laughs GAGS. Lmao XD This is so funny.

But as you know, pranks are just to make people laugh at the end or not...if that prank is scary and rather not that hilarious...

Is to not take things too serious. Like those people who just walk off the prank scene or something. But I gotta admit this prank here rocks! XD

Oh well. All I had to do was turn off all the plugs. Dislocate the wires connecting to the back panel. And I don't mean forcing them to come out and have them damaged.

Only a careless person would do that :P Then I unscrew the screws that secures the side panel into place. Slide the two slides at the right side of the CPU...

And I have my witnessing of the entire boards and gadgets inside this processing unit. I disconnect all the power supply wires to each instrument.

And then unscrew the screws that keeps the power supply unit into place. And put the unit aside. Then go to the one my mom got from the office recently.

Use that power supply unit and put into this PC that I'm currently using. And connect all the wires and put everything back together.

And it should be alright :) I just hope I do what's right and don't die in the worst case scenario or whatever.

Then I can now do my futa cartoon :D And submit them to DirtyDirtySam.

Hope to see you guys soon. And yeah go to DirtyDirtySam to check the futa piece :) Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :D