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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skelanimals Target Commercial

I've been going out this few days since it's the June holidays. I dunno if you guys ever get a June holiday.

Yes, the holiday occurs during this entire month, June. Anyways, I've been going around with my Mom and all...

And we have been passing through the petrol stations this days. They started selling this Skelanimal stickers. 

They're supposed to be pasted onto a card. But I dunno where that card went. But I gotta admit, this guys are as cute as they can be.

I dunno if this stuff is for girls...or guys like me. Normally the only youtuber who buys Skelanimals is OlgaKay. 

I dunno if you wanna subscribe to her, but if you want, click on this subscribe button:

It's okay. I use to watch her videos but I'm not emo or am I like her...CAUSE I'M NOT YOU PRICKS!!!

Sorry. But anyway, we're not here to talk about her. We're only here to talk about this commercial that I went to find.

Jeez. I don't even know what prick means. Oh, here it is:

I don't have to tell you, click on the damn "" image. 

I like the way the Skelanimals sound like. You know...the part whe they were woken up by pumpkins? Well except for Oliver and Diego. 

They were the ones on the tree. They were woken up by a eagle passing by. Kit was woken up by a pumpkin that grew below his pillow.

Or...pop. Then followed by Chung Kee, Jack, Marcy,Timmy, Dax. Yes there are only eight skelanimals in this video.

Lol I like it when Kit got jumped off the pillow. He actually opened one eye before the pumpkin projected him onto the grass.

And I also like the cute sound Jack made when the pumpkin pop below him. And the last is Dax. He flipped 360 and falls. 

I think the reason he shakes his head is because of the dizziness. And they started finding the candies around the graveyard.

Which doesn't really look much of a graveyard to me though. I don't remember grass ever being on graveyards this days.

But it's a cartoon so they've decided to add it. I like it when the candy appears in the soil and Marcy was like moving his leg joint up and down.

And Diego was a bat. And he's hanging on the tree and turned over and took it. And the Timmy just walk 2 cm on his web and hugged the sweet with his hands.

And Jack...when he took out the green grass coloured candy, he was going like "Oooff". I dunno but I think it sounded like this.

I dunno, I don't remember Diego ever being the smallest one in the group. I mean...he's a bad, isn't he suppose to be bigger?

I dunno. Timmy is alright. Cuz' he's a spider so that's okay. I dunno what Chung Kee was doing. Was he planting the sweet in the ground near the tree?

And then they were clapping with the delighted eyes ^_^

This is one of the main reasons why this video is cute. And then they summoned a lot of candies. And then they digged their way up and started throwing candies everywhere.

I like the way Dax walked with the mummy costume that usually is made out of toilet paper. All of them are delighted.

Just look at those cute eyes O_O And I didn't know they could talk. If they could, why didn't they talk earlier.

I hope Chung Kee and Dax go their candy back when they bumped into each other D:

And I dunno...Timmy was bouncing when he's clinging onto his web. And Oliver appears...he's my favourite.

Wow...and Marcy's got some moves. Lol XD Kit and Dax slammed to the screen at the end when they were sliding of the hander at the stairs.

Anyway, nice video here. Cute. I kept repeating it over and over again. Jeez...

Okay so don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)