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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon Official Trailer 3*REAL*

 Check it out guys!!! It's the new Transformers 3: DOTM trailer. And this time, it's not about Super Bowl or Nascar's trailer.

This trailer is the best. And I mean the best! It has new scenes in it. 

Oh it's just so good that you gotta watch the trailer. And there's one part where Shockwave showed up :D Yay, I love to see Shockwave. 

But the thing is, you see all those ships flying above the city? They look like another ship that comes from Battle: Los Angeles.

They also look like some kind of ship that came from Command&Conquer:Red Alert. 

But yes, I like the part where Bumblebee transforms, run onto the building wall O_O how did he do that?

Oh wait, he's a robot. Of course. And then Bumblebee manage to save Sam from falling off that building.

Incase you didn't notice, look carefully. You can see Sam falling and that Bumblebee just grabbed him.

I didn't really like how Optimus look like. Look at that stomach area. The part below the windows. That looks like a piece of crap! 

Do not like ):

But there's just one part. I dunno. I saw Simmons on a wheelchair. I was like "what the heck?O_O" Why is he on a wheelchair? He can walk fine.

I dunno. But I wouldn't know so ummm...ya. But yes, I think this trailer is awesome. The ship must've crashed onto the moon then the astronauts heard the sound of the crash.

Then they went to search for it. Then it was right there. I didn't know which sides owns this ship. I think it's the Autobot. 

Didn't you see the teaser? Sentinel Prime is in it. He must be the one who accidentally crashed it onto the moon. Maybe something shoot it down.

I dunno. But Sentinel Prime must be the one flying it. And some other Autobots that are in the ship.

However, I'm still glad there's gonna be an Apollo scene in the movie. Yay :D

Awww D: Man I just can't wait to see this movie. It's so awesome. And I'm really glad that a new trailer like this is out!

Oh well, guess I'll see you guys soon. Bye!