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Monday, February 4, 2013

If Only Things Are Different

Awesome anime pic isn't it? I dunno who she is but it looks beautiful.

And how she feels is pretty much how I feel now. But obviously I would take it more manly. Sometimes I just wish things would've been different from the beginning.

Things may not be so bad when I'm still young, but when I get older, one person in this family I wish was different. My dad.

Alright I wanna tell you this thing that happened to me like forty minutes ago. I came back late home, and no it isn't because of that. I came home, put down my shoes, bag and some other valuable stuff.

As I would usually do so. Then I saw my maid cooking some food for us later for dinner. Yes it's not that late but anyways!

I just told her that the mushrooms smell really nice. I would really love to taste it and went off to pick my clothes and go into the bathroom. 

Put down my clothes, piss and get to bath. I usually bath like...half an hour. Now totally I spent about forty minutes inside. Sometimes less than forty. 

I take about five minutes to piss and then wash my hands. Cause sometimes even if I piss all of it, I still feel like it's not all.

That's what holds me back a little bit. But it doesn't bother me as I'm pretty much over this issue and get use to it. 

See I'm a person who has somethings that I may quickly get adapted into. Somethings I take a longer time. Somethings I don't even wanna adapt to. 

So I just go wash my hands, and then bath. As I was about done, it was already dinner time. Whenever the food is done cooking and is on the dinner table, my maid will ring the small bell that would wave towards upstairs.

Yes it's a signal to tell everyone upstairs to come down and eat some food for the time during evening. 

That's what we do at home. We don't do that outside obviously. We're not idiots. So the bell rings. 

And god dang it, I wasn't even done yet. I was almost done. Then before I could even come out of the shower at that time, dad already catches me.

This is not the first time it happens. My dad would off the lights, he use to tell me that in the army...if the soldiers don't come out of the bath after ten minutes at maximum, they'll freaking turn off the lights.

And probably even turn off the water pipes. I dunno. But I gotta tell you, my dad god I feel like swearing right now.  He's like this douche bag or even an fuckin' asshole.

My dad use to be one of the tank commanders back in his days of doing his tank job at the military. My dad is this type of person that would think... "Winning Is Everything".

That quote is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever hear. Winning Is Everything? You kidding me right now? Well he didn't say that but I just know it is.

He just thinks that I MUST DO THIS! I MUST DO THAT! I mean, why is he changing who I truly am? Anyways...

I was SO CLOSE to finishing the shower. And luckily I got all the soap out before he could even say, "Stop! Off the water now and get out of the shower and dry yourSELF!". 

So I got out. He gave me two minutes to dry myself. But come on, two minutes? Seriously? You think a person would dry a body in just two minutes?

Two minutes is like...too fast. So I wipe the water off with the towel I use and the thing is I usually swing my hands and legs till they're dry.

See some people never actually try this but. After you wiped yourself dry, you will actually still feel the liquefied stickiness on your skin.

Then is because some of the water is still there. So you should swing the arms and legs a few times. Of course, do each limbs at one time. Hands then legs. Legs then hands. You can do all at once. It's not like you're about to fly or anything. 

So after that, you will feel the smooth dry within your skin. You touch it and it should be able to feel normal. 

Well almost, because you just come out of a shower and stuff. Luckily my dad was downstairs eating while I was doing all this. 

So when I'm done, I go hang my towel in my room. Some people do that, I don't see why I can't. I went down for dinner.

But before I could even settle down on the chair of the table, my dad asks me why I take ten minutes to dry myself. Ever since the time he asked me to off the water.

I didn't replied cause I was sort of afraid to. Then he told me to do push-ups since I didn't do it for two minutes like he told me to.

Cause we just watch some film about the life in military. And my dad was concerned that I would get punished if I have this habit and do the same.

So he ask me to do the push-ups purposely because he just wants me to feel the pain that these soldiers go through if they go their own ways which should not be. 

Well he might as well forget it. He told me that "We told you again and again, when are you ever going to change?"

I mean, this is not like some big deal in life situation. Why do they have to care so much. After all if I don't wanna listen, just let it be.

It's how I want it to go through. Do I need him to throw peas at me? (Expression) Seriously. When you get a dad who use to have a life in the army as a tank commander.

You know this dad is gonna make your life pretty much suckish. Or even fully. The push-up he gave me was twenty. 

I did twenty. Then he gave me this stupid logic that I never count out loud as I do each one. Cause that's how they do it in the army.

I mean, you're eating the food and you're not even paying your fullest attention to see what your son is doing. That's what he lacks in.

At home, sometimes his supervision is fucking weak. Sometimes he's not even self-body resourceful. Using eyes, he has a problem with it. 

Can't he just at least stop eating the food a while and see me doing it? Is that so hard? Counting!? I mean you're doing something in a different place you know.

Obviously in the army, you need to count. That's in another place, another situation. Some people just gotta learn this quote "Different Situations, Different Strategies". 

Of course you need to count when you're in the army. But I'm at home for goodness sake! I think I need to extend his eye socket or at least pile his eyelids so that he can see me doing it.


Just saying. Chill. Just wish my dad is not an asshole and a bastard like he is now. In fact, I would even want another dad. That doesn't look all douchy. I want my dad to be a kind, heart loving, gentle, high class, tolerable, lots of patience and so on.

Probably a nerd dad. I dunno, maybe I would be a nerd too if my dad is a nerd. I don't care, I'm a dork at least. And nerd :) See things should be fun once you're both a dork and a nerd.

It worked for me. Life would be so much better if I have the dad I want. Why can't dreams come true like this? I feel like god is just cheating on me.

Not that I'm against him or anything. But if I have a wish, it's a wish. I gotta have it. I dunno, probably tomorrow he's gonna knock on the toilet door tomorrow while I'm bathing.

I just hope he's not home tomorrow till evening. Oh crap! Forgot to tell you this. He actually told me I should do 20 push-ups before dinner.

Well because I don't exercise so I'm not so fit. I am, kind of. But yeah he just wants me to do it. But I tell you, he's obviously not gonna use the bathing problem for a reason.

Or maybe he is, I dunno. Just wish he doesn't lay a finger on me or even bother me from now on. How do I ever want that to happen.

That's why I said I felt like I'm cheated by god. I prayed so hard for it and I didn't get what I need my dad to be. 

See just none of this would've happen if I just actually skipped my Media Club curricular activity today.

Cause then if I do that, no one would give a damn about me skipping. It would just rule out as a usual day.

God I'm so stupid today for thinking of going to my curricular activity. In fact, none of this would've happen if I have a different dad that I want. 

Alright look I gotta go to bed before he punishes me again. I dunno, anyway I also don't feel like doing anything else Why the heck not.

So yeah, cya guys :) Comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)