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Friday, July 1, 2011

Epic boobs(18+) and tongues...and lips

Now I hope you guys don't keep looking at this post like you did in the "Girls..." post. Now I found out that the girls post viewers got from 1,042 to 1,052. Ten people read it.

Seriously guys, what the heck is wrong with you? Just because I put on some kind of sexy post in my blog, doesn't mean you can drool it all day.

Anyways, let's get onto the boob topic. Now I've recently found this images when I typed Epic Boobs into the search box of Google.

And get this, this girl's boobs are like...freaking big. Well, not too big like as if it can fit 16 basketballs in it. That's stupid and crazy.

Crazy is never good. So girls...don't ever think of it.

There are images like this:
Oh my god. Look at her! Those are like...the size of...footballs.

Except that it's all droppy which makes it look oval-ed. 

Yeah some people think boobs maybe round but they're actually only referring to the girls which has only medium-sized boobs.

Which is of course, not hot. I dunno why guys would pick up girls with boobs that don't even look big and that it touches each other.

Well, picking up a girl, it's gotta go through this list:
1. Pretty/Sexy/Hot face
2. Epic boobs
3. Not fat(of course)
4. A long sexy tongue :P

Now I don't wanna talk about private parts. Cuz' that's disgusting. You're being sexist. Hold on a minute, what does sexist means?

Hold on, let me go to first. it is:

Sexist- pertaining to, involving, or fostering to sexism

Now yeah this is the actual meaning that I found the meaning of pertaining is...

Pertaining- to have reference or relation

Oh yeah! And fostering too:

Fostering- To promote the growth or development of...

So what sexism means is to be related with the development of sex. And I'm like... "Um...okay O_O" 

But anyways, the reason a girl's gotta have a long sexy tongue is because of it's sexiness. Look at the curve and pointy tip. And the big fleshy part at the beginning of the mouth.

There are pics even found on facebook, here are a few photos:
Wow. This one, she has a big nice hot sexy thick long tongue.

Wow. I wish I could...ah...nevermind. And there's actually like 3 to 4 fanpages on facebook that has everything to do with long tongues.

This fleshy stuff grows longer when it exercises :P 

Oh! And this woman you see here is pretty. And has nice pictures of her tongue:

Now I can't date her for one reason...she has a boyfriend. But I wish I get a girl like this. Cuz' she's so freaking hot. Really!
Look at that tongue and the pretty face. And there's a bunch of this nice tongues. Here are my favourites:
This one might not be that long,but this girl is hot. And a nice wet pink tongue.
Wow...and look at this tongue over here
It's thick. That thing is big and long. I hope I have this girlfriend too. 
This one is really freaky. But that tongue looks sexy.
It's like pure pink. That's one good tongue I wanna have and kissed with O_O
Sorry. And there's this small picture of a girl sticking out her tongue. But I'm not sure who she is:
Looks nice with the lips. I wanna kiss her :*
I wish I got a girl with a tongue like this and she is a lesbian. But come on, it's a girl, this is guy's stuff. 
This one is a normal long tongue. But it is long and looks flat a little bit. But this tongue is considered a favourite for me 
And this one is awesome. Look at the part near her mouth and teeth, it's so thick!
And she has a sexy curve and a tip of the tongue :P
This one may not be hot but she has a nice tongue.
It's so dark pink.  And a sexy curve to. Almost look like it's flat. But it is.
And this one right here, is like... champion #1. It's so sexy. I wish I had sex wit her.
Wait what? No! XD Lol I'm just kidding. But the tongue is pink and like it look like as if it has been cleaned and polished.
It looks really flat. And flexible. I wish they got a video of this. Really. 
This girls too. They're not that hot but they got a nice pinky sexy curved pointy tip tongue. 

I like them both. Thumbs up!
And this girl my friend? She's sexy. Look at the tongue. 

It's so splated out. I want this tongue on my p_ _ _ _

I seriously like the pink texture on it. I want girls! :P

This one...I dunno. She has a red spot in the middle line of her tongue.

But it's hot, I love it. that tongue is

And there's a whole bunch of sexy tongue in this album, to check it out, click here

Now to get onto the boobs. There's this girl called Alix Bromley and she's currently one of the famous girl that has huge boobs.

This is her:
 Yes, she's a lesbian. And...look at that boob! It's so big!

Currently she's not the only one that has great boobs. There are more babes that has great boobs like this ones:

Wow this woman's boobs has real stuff. It's so hot. I hope it's not photoshop-ed. Cuz' it's epic hotness.

What the heck!? This one looks really big. I think it's way too big.

But it's probably like the ones on the first picture I've shown you which is able to fit 5 tennis balls in it.

Oh yeah! And one thing, I discovered when I got to China, all the babes have huge boobs :O

(.)(.) <---Yeah! It's that big. But this is just a freaking boob emoticon >:(

Yeah when we were at the convenient shop at China. I saw this photos here. 

And look at that man! It's so big. But I don't want that, it's stupid and embarassing. And I don't wanna have boobs. Not unless I'm a woman. Which is hot.

And I'm not sure about chinese people. Why do they like boobs stuff? I didn't know chinese people are girl stockers too.

But they take woman as a good thing. And get this: they even have ads that shows how to get the boobs bigger and beautiful and have nice curves.
Look at that. She's so clear and hot. And those boobs :P

Why do asian babes get big boobs and in america/europe, they're medium?

What the heck man, this is sexist. But yes, I love those boobs (.)(.)

Some pictures are of course, censored with clothings. But the clothings usually only cover the freaking nipples. 

The boobs are uncensored except for the nipples that is censored. Pictures like this:
This is the most attractive categories. Girls with no bra but censored nipples. That's great.

Cuz' you can see how sexy the boobs are without even looking at the nipples.
They normally use ties or strings to cover them. So that it'll show the entire boob. Almost.

And this girl has a freaking large boob. They're like...gigantic. Look at this:
Normally how woman get this kind of breasts is that they normally massage it, eat enhancement pills or surgery 

This one has it's nipples covered indeed. But this is a closeup:
I dunno. I think I saw one nipple. Nipples usually have this circle ring around the dot. And yes.

That's what I'm talking about. That shady part is showing a little bit.
This one is freaking hot. She's about to take off her underwear. And those boobs are at her shoulders :D

Seriously, I felt like touching her. She's so hot. And this is one hot picture closeup here:
This one you can see how big it is. But I dunno what the shapes of epic boobs look like when they're uncensored.

What does the curve look like? 

Anyways, I dunno why guys like Megan Fox. Sure she maybe hot, but her boobs are not big!
Look at that. The reason she felt less like a woman is because she's a tranny.

It's real, there was actually a news report of Megan Fox saying she's a tranny, here's the video:
Yes this is an actual news report that happened. She is hot but only small boobs. That's not attractive at all. 

Another thing was that when my dad went to Hong Kong to the office. Then to a dinner, we met my dad's friends. One was a man, one was a woman.

When we're eating, seriously! The only thing I was starring at was her mouth. I was so desperate to look at the sexy tongue flip out.

The tongue is like 1 inch thick and a sharp tip with a curve. She's probably a Gemini in the English Zodiac.

The chinese zodiac? She's the Snake. 
And yes, this is a chinese word. Cuz' it looks freaking obvious. 

Seriously I think people who born in either Gemini or Snake gets a long tongue.

Usually because a snake has a long tongue. I wish I was born in the year of the snake :P :)

And then when girls sit on a chair with their knees put up. It's just too sexy.

The thing is like packed beautifully and clear. 

And the most beautiful thing you can touch is also the lips:
This one looks beautiful, sexy and hot!

Look at it, girl's lips are indescribable. They have the inward curves.   

Aw crap, I just wanna kiss a hot girl with the listings I set. Which I forgot to put the lips in it. 

1. Hot/sexy lips
2. Long/sexy tongue
3. Epic Boobs 
4. Nice legs

So yes, this is the best thing you could find a girl to be with. To see a sexy girl's kissing, click on this image:

Okay so remember, this page is !!!STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO CHILDREN BELOW 18!!!

So don't get any ideas. Alright well, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)