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Monday, July 4, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Review ---part 1---

Sup everybody :D Yes I've offically watched Transformers Dark of the Moon. Yes, it's this movie:

I watched it with my cousin and it was awesome. Officially awesome. 

Alright so let's get from the beginning of this movie. And yes, this is just part 1 cuz' the DVD and Blu-Rays hasn't came out yet. 

So I had to wait for some guy to upload it to YouTube and then show it to you. But anyways, let's get onto the review.

The beginning was a scene of Cybertron being attacked. By the decepticons that brought war. A few ships escaped the war.

Unfortunately it was spotted escaping and some of the decepticons attempted to shoot the ship down.

And yes, it got shot down. Then most of the ship parts remains intacted. Some parts fell off. And the ship pretty much crash landed onto the moon.

Like in the first few trailers released. Yeah I actually find it awesome that at the back of the ships...

The engines were blowing really hot. Like the whole engine is blowing flames. Even the large decepticon ship which has this... feelers build below the ship.

And they have this massive engines at the back. This is what they look like:
And as you can see, buildings are being destroyed and the reason you see the electricity running through that building was because they were transporting Cybertron to Earth.

Which was kind of stupid to me. Why would they want to bring Cybertron to Earth? What for?

Possibly to bring more autobots or decepticons onto Earth. I dunno. And the thing was that...during the title sequence. 

Which was Sentinel lies inside a cargo bay. And he looks really different like he did in the teaser. In the teaser, he was yellow.

And then in the movie, most of his colours were red. And he hasn't even pick up a vehicle mode on Earth yet.

He hasn't even arrive on Earth? How did he get all red? It was really confusing. Sentinel hasn't gone to Earth yet. 

Why is he red? Why? It just doesn't makes any sense at all. Michael Bay should've make Sentinel yellow at the first place.

They don't even show his protoform. To see Sentinel in the teaser, click here 

Yes, click on the word "here" you idiot. Anyways. But I dunno, Sentinel looks awesome by the way. So Shockwave and Driller was the first two decepticons to arrive on the scene.

The Driller came out like a freaking big snake. And look at Prime, he didn't even transform. When the Driller came out of the building, he's still driving.

I was like "What the heck man?". Can't he react to anything? He just went ahead and hit Driller. Trying to get himself killed or something.

Then the trailer that Optimus was carrying appears of what to be a space bridge. Like a portal built by technology.

And then Shockwave comes up and saw Optimus. Then what says was "Optimus Prime". And then they got back into the ground.

So yes, Shockwave doesn't really that purple-ish and it's okay. I don't really care though. But I like how Mirage attacked the guards.

But he didn't really kill them of course. Then I dunno what the heck was Bumblebee doing...

I mean...I like it when he transformed into his stealth mode with all the guns and cannons sticking out of his vehicle mode.

Yes, that's called Stealth mode. And he blasted the guards. What is he? A decepticon? Seriously, they're humans. Not decepticons. 

And when the Autobots were protecting Sentinel from the decepticons...I dunno man. When they stopped at one place. 

Did you see that? When Ironhide and Sentinel was like "Indeed I am...and you never released our Prime brothers, that we were never gonna we the war..."

And what the heck man! Did you see that? Sentinel kills Ironhide. Aw shit, I seriously hate Sentinel now. Such a di**. Just like he did in the Animated Series.

A piece of betrayal. He had some kind of rust blaster. That basically when it shoots any autobots or decepticons, it blasts at them at first. Then it weakens them and it acts like an acid.

Acid normally is a toxic liquid that eats material violently. So it affected on Ironhide. And Ironhide died. When he rusted and there was burning larva stuff on him. He started to rust.

His body came apart and breaks into pieces. The head fell off. F*** you Sentinel...look what you've done, you've vaporize your teammate. Who are you? Autobot or Decepticon?  

I seriously don't care if I'm saying a vulgar word. Cuz' Sentinel is such a di**. I hate him now. Cuz' he's never trustworthy at all. 

Here's the complete scene of Ironhide's death:
Then Sentinel blast him a lot of times. So much blasts that Ironhide could never stand up again. 

Ironhide was like..."What have you done?" and Sentinel gave him another shot. F***ing Prime. Betrayal. And him escaped and transformed into his rosenbauer firetruck. 

Actually some scenes of Transformers Dark of the Moon were actually uploaded :P And Sentinel totally killed it.

Ironhide is the best guy and he killed it. He'll be like... "Decepticon punk!" And Sentinel kills it. I wish Sentinel is DEAD!

And he is. He got killed in the last scene where Optimus shoots his head out. You know. I hope there's a prequel of a short film of Ironhide being revived. 

Well, now that he has rust to dust. There's no way to bring him back now. The spark inside his chest has been rust and he fell into rocky objects. 

I wish there's a fanpage on facebook that says... "GET SENTINEL PRIME!!!" Cuz' this guy is a douche and a di** that I just wanna kill him!

I don't care how small I am, but I wanna kill him. At the end, Sentinel caught Optimus' arm joint, has sliced it off. So eventually after working a few months, they should be able to fix the arm back to Optimus.

And at that time, I thought Optimus is near to his death D: Then he was dragging and crawling himself away from Sentinel as best as he could.

But Sentinel caught him and stop him by standing his feet onto Optimus and raises his sword dagger.

And when he was about to slice Optimus into half...Megatron came. Megatron fell from the building and now he's kind of weak.

I dunno if he did fell. It was one scene where he was resting himself on the building. I dunno why but then Carly told him that if he doesn't help them, she and him would become Sentinel's female dog.

Yes, I don't wanna say that B word. So Megatron gets angry at first but then he thought of the same thing. So he came from the back of Sentinel and started to shoot him with his fusion cannon which is still the same weapon he's using.

And started attacking Sentinel. I think he destroyed Sentinel's antennae and ripped off he's head's top plate.  

Which showed his wiring and everything. And I think there was one part in the comics that said Megatron wanted to be trues with Optimus.

And that was totally stupid. Why would Megatron wanted to be trues with Optimus? I dunno, on the other hand, I also wish they unite together.

But yeah then Megatron was like "Think Optimus, what would you be without me?" and the Optimus was like "Let's find out!".

And then Optimus stands and use Sentinel's dagger and hit Megatron's neck with it and pull his head off.

That was really gruesome and brutal. And then he throw Megatron's head onto the ground. I dunno, look at that...Megatron actually helped Optimus and said that Earth now becomes his planet.

That's sounds like what an autobot would say. But I like to see Megatron unite with the Autobots. But that would be meaningless. 

Then what will happen to the Decepticons? They have no leader...but basically they're all already dead. Every single decepticon has died.

And yeah, Wheelie and Brains eventually died when Brains disconnects every wire in the ship and the ship soon falls to the river.

I hope Wheelie and Brains survive. I don't wanna see them die. Cuz' they're so freaking awesome. In wikipedia, it's explained that Brains ran away from the Decepticons.

And turned into an Autobot with all his eyes and body features change. Now the two of them became like close friends and twins.

It was also said that Brains runs into Bumblebee and Sam and bumped each other. Brains became of the pets in Sam's house. 

And get this: Wheelie and Brains sleeps together. Ewww...they're gay. I dunno, I just think it's good for them. Cuz' they're just pets.

To see the page on wikipedia, click here.

And get this, Frank Welker(who voices as Megatron in the game) is making the voice of Shockwave and Soundwave :D

But Soundwave doesn't really sound like himself though, like in the second movie. And Mirage? He is also known as Dino.

Mirage is also one of my favourite character. And I've found out of him recently. And Wheeljack is the guy who has this blue hairs and like a skull-liked head.

He's really weird. And he looks a lot like Brains. Brains and Wheeljack are almost identical. And I gotta say, Leadfoot is fatter than his vehicle mode. Oh my god.

And this is him:
And he's wearing shades. What the heck. And he's not only one, Roadbuster also wear shades. Here he is:
And he actually looks really good with all his green and everything. And seriously, why does Laserbeak talk? In the movie, he actually talk D:

If he talked, why didn't Ravage? Ravage should be talking. And this is him:
Yeah well. There's still more scenes coming by. 

So I hope to see you in the next part of my review. And yes, it really has been an awesome and epic night.

We went to McDonalds to basically just have a drink. No eating anything. Then we'll just talk about how we think about the movie.

I kept talking to my cousin about it. In fact, all my cousins were there when we came down from the cinema. 

We had a great time so I love having time with all my cousins and relatives. They're the best. Better than the people in school. 

And sorry, I hadn't been specific about who my cousins were...cuz' I don't want any of you to know. I'm worried that my account will get hacked.

And I'll have no blog anymore ): But anyways, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. 

Bye :)