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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Invaders Game(Flash)

Alright you guys see this? Yeah! It's School Invaders. Now I'm not really sure if this game is popular...or it is, it's just one of them.

I wanted to put this up there because it's fun. Yes, there's an actual icon right there. You can click there right now to play it.

I create the School Invaders myself yes. And it was really impressive though, looks like a real site of a game that someone would go to :D

It took me a long time to finish the title. Cuz' I have to modify where the fonts folder should be in the GIMP.

Yes, the title was made by me with GIMP. I dunno, maybe it was half an hour to let me finish installing those fonts.

Anyways, this is a real great game...I love it. It's about this aliens that walks on nothing but their tentacles with a ball-like object at the tip of them.

And they had a round head but no body. And antennae(s) which also has ball-like object at the tip of them. 

They basically look like this:
They have eyes that are sparkly. Why are they sparkly? 

They're not cute. Oh yeah, some of them have the body of a worm. 

And they have...pointed ears. Kind of awesome though. Although I think the ears would have a different structure.

Cuz' they're aliens, not humans or vulcans. Anyways, they invaded a school and there's this five kids who are stuck with them.

I'm not really sure where they got their guns. The first level you spawn with this bushy hair guy. That's white. And he clearly wears a green shirt with a yellow bag. 

His pants cannot be seen and he's wearing white shoes. To unlock the second character, you have to go to your...

Ahh...but the game is not fair if I already told you what to do. But whatever it is, you have to find your second friend that has been tied up on a stick that is stuck to the ground.

Oh and you have to find the key and walk on top of the paper to get a tip. And bascially you'll lock the guy who a orange hair that's... curled up backwards on the fringe. And he has a red shirt and a green bag with white shoes.
And yes
<---- This is what they look like together when attacking the aliens. And the next one is a guy with a spiky red hair. And blue shirt with white sleeves and a purple bag. White shoes.

Next is a black dude. With a yellow shirt and an orange bag. Bold...of course.

Then a cool nerdy guy. Has a green pointed hair that goes upwards. Dark green in color. Wears a light brown sweater and dark green bag.

And that's bascially it. You have to fight your way through the aliens in order to get from one kid to another. And make sure you have to key!

So yes, click on the icon above to play the game. Thank you. Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

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