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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wet slops

You know what really stinks? Is of what happened today. Today my dad, brother and I headed to the pool. And this is just the least I could hate about.

It was evening at about 4 or 5pm. And it stinks! During this time the sunset begins it's fall. And you know what that warm water. 

Yes it's very windy and the water feels like it came from the Arctic. You know, I was so stupid to just tell dad that my blood is getting cold by the second.

But it's really useless if I have to tell him. He doesn't care and just wants me to go ahead and do kicks and breathing. I know it's for my own good and I won't blaim him for anything.

That's just the least of my problems today. The the worst of all. When I went into the changing room(men) it was puky. The whole bathroom stinks like a piece of sh**.

And I'm so FREAKING STUPID! Really. Well, my first thought was that I'll bath there. But really? I should've just took a rinse there. 

For those of you who don't even know what a rinse is. It's just you...going into the shower. Splash all the water on you...and you're done.

Of course, you dry yourself too. But I was so stupid to take a bath and make my brother and dad stand outside the cubicals and wait their asses for me to finish.

I feel like a freaking WIMP! Man nowadays I GOT to use my brains. And think for a while carefully. It was so much better if I just bath when I got home. 

And the clean and dry underwear that I bought...turned wet. Can you believe that? Yeah! It's real wet. I didn't even splash my bag wet or anything.

How did this even happen? D:<

It's just not possible. We didn't even put it near the water. Why did it get wet? We set our bags near the rag or whatever. It's this weird tuby thingy that we lay our bags on.

And I didn't assume it would be a bad thing but it happened to be. I could've just put it on top of the rig or rag or whatever! >:(

That way I'll get my bag dry which I'll be like :D But no, I became D:<

Yeah...can you believe that? And even my beach pants got wet. Seriously...what the freak dude. What the freak!

My towel also became wet. Basically when you have everything wet in your know you'll NEVER....and I mean never! Get clean when it's wet.

Obviously because it's suppose to be dry and all. So it sucks today really. My slippers is all wet and I have to take it off when I bath...Ewww XP

Gross. That's why I don't like community bathes. THEY STINK! And I'm pretty sure I've said this before. Not unless it's a leisure place. Like a community club building.

Those are freaking clean :) Okay maybe it's not freaking. Lol XD

And I'm pretty sure you don't even understand that part. It's kind of obvious I guess. You'll be like "Okay?..."

Anyways, the next time I go to swim...I'm GONNA RINSE! Rinse is what I'm gonna do. And no bathes till I reach home. 

And today I have to take two bathes at home just to make sure. Good thing the rest of my family went out. I can deal with being home alone.

I'm the alone type of person. But of course, I can't be alone forever. Seriously. Well if you know what I meant that...okay. 

Everytime after I take a bath at home after I came back from the swimming club, I hope the rest of my family went for an outing and I can take a second bath :D

Ah you know what? Let's just don't swim. Cuz' everytime I go to swim..trouble always comes. So I'm better off not swimming. And besides...even if you're not that good at swimming. It's alright I guess.

In the army, they have swimmers...and non-swimmers. I definitely gonna go as non-swimmers. I dunno really. Cuz' I can't really swim fast. 

I wish I could but I'm just not strong enough. I really need to work out more so I have strengthened muscles. I'm the one who is always left out in the family.

And you know what? I can deal with that. I can be alone at home with my maid and grandmother for all I want. I'm gonna chill the heck out for all I care. 

So now I'm just typing and typing. Oh my god...I gotta answer dA messages now so I hope you guys comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)