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Sunday, March 27, 2011

District 9 Movie Review

This movie is awesome. I have this movie DVD. But it's in my file.

It's kind of like a photo album. Except that you put all the disks inside.
I actually have disc holders. But they're bigger than this

Anyways, about the movie, it was okay I guess. It is definitely worth a movie. Ya I actually just wish Wikus turned into one of them. 

It would ROCK to see him turn into one of them.'s better. For me, but he had to go back to his wife.

I dunno but I dun really like the ending at all. I just wish it ended like this:

Ya I love what HISHE done with this parody. It's so awesome.

Ya I prefer it when Wikus got off the machine and Chris Johnson(the alien) take it. And go around destroying humans with that Laser Gun. 

Ya that laser gun was like powerful. I dun even know how the laser cause the body to explode. It's alien technology.

So I dunno. Why didn't Wikus turned into one of them? D: What the hell, I was expecting it to happen.

Well, Wikus did. But only his arm was turned into one of theirs. And the eye. And to tell you, that pupil is seriously BIG!

You can pause one part. Then you compare the Alien prawn's eye to his own human eye.

Holy crap, he's half-human, half-prawn. I love prawn aliens. Those aliens ROCK!!!

But there was one part at the beginning where they took helicopters to the ship hovering above the city. 

I actually feel sad that Christopher lives Wikus behind. I didn't really expect that. Besides, where did they get the name "Christopher Johnson" anyway, huh?

Does Chris use to be a human? Or is that just a name Wikus gave him? I just wish Wikus get out of that suit and run to the shuttle where Chris and his son is. 

Then woo hoo! Wikus is an alien! Ya! I actually think those aliens look cool even though they are violent when it comes to killing.

Did you see that? The ending, the aliens surrounded that guy who was trying to kill him with a beretta pistol. But then they started surrounding him and Wikus.  

Ya then Wikus like crawl back a little bit and then did you see that part!? One of the aliens ripped his head off.

I mean like just...litterly pull his head and the flesh just came out like shit!

I dunno. Then there was also one part where one of the aliens kick the soldiers in the chest. And splash! The blood spitted out of the body.

And then I'm not sure. One of his limbs came off and the other soldiers pick it up and put it in a sack.

Ew....I dunno why it's like this. Well. At least this movie is better than Piranha 3D. Ya that movie sucks!

Sucks like a piece of shit. More like 10 pieces. I dunno.

But anyway, this movie should end like what HISHE did it with. I also wish 3 years later, Wikus turned into an alien. 

Then when Chris came back with the rest of the aliens. Wikus met up with him to tell him how glad Wikus is.

But anyways, I prefer the HISHE ending. That rocked, alot!

And I love it when Christopher's son takes all the cat food and get away with it while all the cats chase him. He was smiling.

And I love what he said. It was like...tahalllllll. I know, it felt funny. Thanks HISHE! You guys rock the night.

Wait, it's not even at night XD. What the hell XD

But anyways the ending sucks in the movie. The should show us a prequel where Wikus is the alien. And pretty much, Chris came back to bring him with them.

So he could be one of them. To me, it's kind of like Avatar. When Jake offically become of of the Na'vi.

I hope the same ending happened to District 9 as well. Where Wisky offically become one of them except that he still can speak human.

I can't wait for District 10 to come out. I think there was one poster which said "They're Back. But they're not ALONE". 

Ya I really wish District 10 came out. The aliens are still continuing to grow...then I hope there's one sequel that Wikus is one of them. 

Come on District movie...make Wikus an alien. I dun want him as a human. 

Oh well, I just wish there was a better ending. And I dunno, I kept repeating stuff in this review. Sorry, it's just that I wish Wikus is the alien and that him transform completely into one of them.

Oh well, I just love the HISHE ending. Thanks. Okay well, bye and thanks for reading this review.

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See you in three years, alien.

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