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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Community Bath Shower Prank

I was on Ray William Johnson's youtube channel today and that I see the new episode.

It's called shower prank, to go watch that on this image:
 Yeah it's an actual thumbnail I picked up from Google.

You'll see why when you actually watched the video. Anyway. About this prank video right here.

Yeah so clearly this shows that he's bathing in a community bath. Like you know, those kind of places where you play sports.

Yeah so after they took their training, the kid was probably the last one who is taking a bath. And it also clearly shows that he's using his shampoo.

And the shampoo was the main thing of this video. A friend behind him was squirting out shampoo out of the bottle and onto the wet hair with the sprinkler still on.

So he kept wiping his hair...allowing the shampoo to scrab on his hair and fall off. Continously.

So he didn't even turn back even though the water is on. And I'm not really sure why they're wearing trunks when taking a bath.

I dunno I never actually take a bath in community centers. At all. I only do pee and poop and the toilet when I use it.

And no, I don't think they have community bathes there. So umm... if I was him, I would've turn back. For me, yeah I'm able to turn my head back and try to blink my eye while the water is still turned on with all the soap that's coming.

And I dunno. This video is kid of disturbing. I dunno. When he wiped off the shampoo. He starts to burst out and like...a lot of it fall on his body.

Yeah kind of looks like a futanari girl masturbating or something. Oh crap. Now come on, some people may watch erotic stuff.

Even some cops do. Secretly in their room and making sure no other cops caught them. I dunno dude. I dunno.

But yeah, the video kept reminding me of those videos O_O

Aw crap, I wish I've never said that at all. Never. But anyway, let's get onto this prank right here.

Yeah the way he talks about the shampoo not coming off, it's hilarious though. He was like "IT'S NOT COMING OFF...IT WON'T COME OFF!!!"

Sorry I used a lot of capitals in this. But it's what he said. No really, it's what he said. It might sound sarcastic but it's not.


This video made me laugh but not so hilarious that it made me fall off the chair laughing out loud like a crazy psycho.

So enjoy the video up there and hope to see you guys next time. Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)