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Friday, September 16, 2011

MK9 Gaming

This took place last sunday. And I have a bunch of friends that ask me if I could follow them to an outing.

The plan was basically to go to this game shop or whatever and play the games in there. But I'll explain what it is soon.

Umm...I was at first..."I don't wanna go sucks"

But I usually don't go out with friends...I'm not the shopping or outside person. I usually love to stay at home.

And mostly it's just to use my computer. And watch TV and what not. I find nothing best at going out. 

Not unless it's with my cousins or relatives...that I don't mind. But I had to go I thought there might be some good stuff there.

I dunno...on one hand I didn't wanna go and on the other hand I want to. So I went.

I took the bus there. Then I reach the mall which is exactly where the meeting point is. Now this mall has a train station with it. 

So the meeting point is in that train station. I waited and I waited for one of them to pop-up.

But only to find out it took me 1 hour to wait for one person to pop-up. It was my friend, Ethan.

Ethan waited with me. And we talked about what we're gonna do. I didn't know what the plan was so I asked him cuz' he knows the plan of the outing.

He said we're gonna go to this store. Basically it's a store...which has 4 game platforms. 

And at the counter there's a bunch of game boxes behind the counter.

Then when you pick one game...go to it's game platform...insert the disc and play the game.

And they also will make you some kind of snack like fish balls or something. 

I dunno...some small food. And drinks. 

So anyways...after a few minutes, my other friend, Katy came and wait for us. Then our another friend...Anthony came up too.

So the others said they were going to the store straight directly. Not sure why but I don't care.

They can walk their own shit for all I care. Anyways...then we got into the store and we basically just sign in stuff and then we now have to pick the games...

And believe it or not :D They have Mortal Kombat 9 on PS3...AWESOME :D

Man this is so awesome. Everyone now grabs a game...well...some of them. I grabbed the Mortal Kombat box and I'm SOOO EXCITED TO PLAY
Then it really sucks that it's PS3 version...cuz' I usually is good at handling the XBOX 360. 

So it sucks ass for me. But who least I have the game to play. So I put the disc inside.

Then the title sequence starts. At first the menu...I picked "Fight" then I didn't really know what ladder, tag ladder are.

It was really confusing. I picked the ladder and to find it was 1 vs Computer. And tag ladder was 2 vs 2 computer players.

And I picked Sub-Zero...and Scorpion. Then we fought with Baraka and Jade. I didn't really know the moves so it sucks until I've accidentally deployed Sub-Zero's ice sword.

That was when I realise when I hit the triange key a few'll deploy his ice sword and he swings it and hit someone of course.

Those of you who have know what it looks like. can even strike at like 5 or 10 feet distance.

And I like the sound effect. And the best part to kill your opponent is to make him fall...then just rapidly continue to press the triangle button.

So Sub-Zero continously swings out his ice sword and attack the opponent. Preventing him or her to stand up.

Awesome huh? No only that. Then when I played my another friend, Stanley. I beat him.

He kept playing as Raiden. I dunno why but umm...he said he wants to get to know Raiden's move if he uses him more.

So I guess I'm find with it. Practice makes perfect anyways. But of course, not everything can be perfect. 

You may lose things if you always wanna be perfect. I dunno...but it makes a lot of sense actually. 

So I also learnt to do the ice ball...the part where you throw the ice ball and the opponent freezes.

These are the keys to it...
So it's down, right and triangle key.

Awesome huh? I drew those arrows and key myself. So it kind of sucks that you have to wait a few seconds to get the ice ball move correct.

But I freeze them a few times and then attacked them with the ice sword. It made me feel adrenaline. Awesome.

Then I also made ice clones a few times. Which sometimes it sucks but...helps. I'm not really sure how I did it.

Then I also did the X-Ray attack. Which is...
It's L2+R2. Then when you do's gonna look awesome.

Something like this: 
I did that a few times and Stanley is always like... "Ouch..."

Yep I know. Then later I played with Ethan. He pick a few characters. Forgot what it was but I also beat him.

But I feel like I'm being better than anyone. But anyways...I played it excessively.

Until we are clear to leave the shop. Cuz' it costs money and it's a booking so yeah. I also play Gran Turismo 5.
 I'm good at driving's cool...

It's cool. And also... Call of Duty...

 Awesome. I like it when I'm handling the M16. Awesome.

But I was a newbie so I didn't really know much and that I didn't care. Sorry :(

But anyways...when I walk home I got sick. My legs are tired...I had a headache or fever that's starting.

And I feeling internally hot. God damnit. Then I can't even have a rest of my legs when I went home with Stanley to accompany me.

I bet I looked pale. And I have headache and fever at the same time when I reached home. 

Gotta wait for 3 days till the pain wears off. And to tell wasn't pretty. Anyway I'm just glad it's over.

Alright well, remember to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)