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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rise Of The Guardians (REVIEW)

Alright fellas how are you doing!? It's been a few months now ever since I haven't really posted anything on this god damn blogspot. So somehow I have to at least just do one.

Yes this is kinda special, I just watched Rise of the Guardians this morning with my cousin. It was awesome and yeah it's for the wind! :D

I really love the movie. it was good, just like other Pixar and Dreamworks animation movies. The story is just too nice to explain. 

So if you really wanna know the story, you can go read it, might as well click here -> [link]

But other some part of the story maybe exposed once I mention some parts of them. Anyway let's quit wasting time and let's get to it!

Alright first is the spirit named Jack Frost...

An awesome dude who is able to be like this god or so to harness the nature of Ice.  And he was chosen to be a Guardian by the Moon. And man, he rocks good with the white hair. 

So he's a spirit who is ever hardly believed by any human in the world. And if no one believes in a guardian or a spirit, they'll never be able to see them.

Like if you don't believe in tooth fairies, you won't be able to see them. I do believe in Guardians and that everybody needs one. But I just didn't bother to think about them. Pfft! :P

Well anyways yeah he goes on his mischievousness and holds a record of being on the naughty list of Santa. And he's a person who plays with no R and R (Rules and Regulations).

So he goes on to do whatever the heck he wants to do. And he just wanna mess around with kids. But is also tired of no one believing in him. But lucky for us, he's able to control that.

He has a life of where people uses him just an expression where they think he is a myth and no one believes in him. Which is why he is a spirit. Okay spirits and ghosts are different. Ghosts are from hell and Spirits are from Heaven.

Get that!? Yeah. Spirits are good and Ghosts are evil. Okay. Anyways the Moon chooses him to be a Guardian. And well he has to be with the other Guardians at Santa's workshop.

So yeah Santa's workshop is like the headquarters for the Guardians. Even if they have like their own worlds. And have Jack to defeat the villain, Pitch. But we'll get to that later.

Now we get onto another character which would be the Easter Bunny. 

Yes the one and only Easter Bunny. But this Easter Bunny is so much better. He's about 5 to 6 feet tall. Probably even higher than that. Anyways, he has an austrailian accent.

Which leads to the mistake made by Jack thinking that he's the Easter "Kangaroo". And he lives in a world where there's egg statues that are alive.

And that they can change their expression by rotating to another face. Not only that but he has a world where there are countless numbers of easter eggs that would normally come in the size of the egg we see everyday.

He carries a boomerang and basically that's just to make him mix around with the austrailian accent. This dude is awesome too! He is able to create a tunnel just by taping his feet.

And what he leaves behind after he entered the tunnel is a flower or anything that is seen in a garden of our everyday life. I wanna go around in tunnels.

That way I'll never be late for school :D

Lol XD The only fact that there was one long scene where it gives the Easter Bunny to become an actual puny bunny which is what we get here in this picture...

Yes he is easily recognizable with those markings on his forehead.

His tall self had markings on the shoulders. But when children don't believe in Easter Bunny, the more and more that happens, he'll shrink down to a normal bunny size.

They also had to take away the markings on the shoulders to make him look cute. And aw man, even when I'm a dude, I just can't stop starring at him cause HE'S SO ADORABLE!!! Awww...

Not only that but the fact that he can still talk with his austrailian accent is making him awesome. I guess awesome is the only word I know. Heh heh :D

Alright now onto another character, North or otherwise popularly known as Santa!

Now instead of having white fur on his red large jacket, it is black. I love that. Makes him look like the big guy in the workshop. Well of course because all his elves are puny.

He has the two words on his arms. One on each. One says "Naughty" and the other says "Nice". This comes in terms of how children behaves. I guess he's creating factions between the two types of children in this world.

We all know Santas like North has a workshop. So he has elves that are dressed in cone shaped clothings. I'm not sure if the cone shape is the elves' anatomy.

And they are able to make bell noises with the bell attached to the top of their costumes. They don't wear shoes which curls up at the end of it. But patterned socks.

Santa is able to somehow make ice sculptures that are literally alive! Yeah I love the choo choo train. And he also has this two furry monsters which appears to be somewhat of a resemblance to Bigfoot. People belief in Bigfoot's mystery so why not put him in the film.

Haha, I love how North is messing with those Bigfoots. Like when one of them paints the toy car or bus red. North says that he doesn't like it and ask them to paint it aquatic blue. 

And if they paint it aquatic blue, North asks them to paint it red. So officially the Bigfoots doesn't know what color North ones. I want it to be yellow :D 

This is what these Bigfoot look like

Oh okay I see, they're called Yeti. Lol the wiki even mentioned that they have a familiar resemblance to Bigfoot.

And is that Starscream from Transformers? Why is he painted yellow and not aquatic blue? Lol XD Nevermind just joking. But it could be Starscream. I'm relating to the Generation 1.

They have spiky fur on their lower arms. and texture fur scheme. And they have nice long V shaped moustaches. To be honest I only see two in the movie. Yeah two. Oh yes and wow Santa has a real name.

I heard that they mention that every Guardian had a normal life before they become what they are. So North is also known as Nicholas St. North.

Okay...well except for Tooth Fairy, the villainous Pitch and Sandman. And Easter Bunny gets a name of E. Aster Bunnymund. He may have a human life before. Or a life as a cute little bunny.

And I would love to give you the pretty overwhelming face of Tooth

She lives in a world of tiny birdy tooth fairies. Okay basically she's like the Guardian for collecting teeth and give the children in return, a quarter.

And she has bird petal skin that covers her entire body. The only part which wasn't structured as bird petals was the forehead, lower part of her nose and her sexy lips.

Lol XD Am I flirting with her now? What the heck!? Alright nevermind. She has little birds that has the same skin color scheme. And they're basically like this army of tooth fairies that is doing their job which we all know.

And the tooth they collect, it contains the memory of the child who they take from. It's stored instead phallus containers. So each child is given on phallus container of their teeth. Everytime they drop one. 

It is stored into their very own phallus container. Other than that that's all they do. However I find it retarded that the birds can't even get out of the cages when Pitch traps them in there. 

They're so small and puny, they could just easily squeeze through the gaps of the bars. Okay okay fine I'm sorry :(

Anyways let's get onto the Sandman. 

So Sandman is the Guardian which gives the children good dreams. And he's mainly the God while Pitch remains as the Demon of it. Unfortunately Sandman is unable to speak. He is mute.

So he can only communicate by using his power to create objects with his sand. The motive that he doesn't talk is because the mute gives a good touch to his appearance. 

He goes around in a sand robe. Carries a spoon that controls the waves of the sand. He basically goes into the clouds and creates a bird nest like object for him to stand on. 

He then creates the dreams for the children. Then we have to get defied by the main antagonist of this film, Pitch!

He is the only villain in this film. And he is the Nightmare King.

The Boogeyman who turns one's child's dreams into nightmares. And is like the infector of dreams. 

He is also an essence where he doesn't exist to the naked eye of a human. Just like Jack, people cannot see, hear or touch him. He's worse than Jack.

No one even talks about the Boogeyman. And that's Pitch's strong hatred in the disbelief of his existence. He has the ability to create black sand. And pretty much the same powers as Sandman. But is the evil version of Sandman.

He's like Jack Skellington. Lol XD Nah just kidding. Other than that is the only kid who never gives up in believing that all Guardians are real.

Name's Jamie...

Voiced by Dakota Goyo who is the kid who acts in the hit film, Real Steel. And yeah he's the kid who gets to see the Guardians right in front of him. Then when he started believing in Jack Frost...

Jack Frost exists for him. Plus I love how he reacts when he sees Jack...
It's a gif, an animated image, that's why it's moving.

But yeah he was gasping for air. Now that he sees Jack Frost. I dunno he kinda looks like a girl with short hair. But I know he's a dude. Otherwise why would I say "he"?

Good point isn't it? OHHH!!!!!! :O

Lol watch too much Regular Show. 

Alright guys I have come pretty much to the end of my review. If I have anything more to say, I'll let you know. Probably :) Anyways don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye bros!! :D