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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 Air Crash Investigation (Nat Geo) Review

Now I haven't been on this blog cuz' I'm having a seriously infected right eye.

Okay, I'm not referring to zombies. I meant my right eyelid was swollen. It actually swelled till the outline of the iris.

Ya. My bottom lid was swollen. It hitted both the cornea and the iris.

And of course, the sclera was covered with the bottom lid's flesh. I am still able to see but the eyelid makes it difficult to have the eye function normally.

My tears kept on coming out from my right eye. The left eye was okay. Until it got infected too. But still a good eye.

Only the veins on the left eye came up.

It was probably because I didn't know and use the tissue that I use for the right eye, and rub it on the bottom lid of the left eye.

Shit me! XDHahahahahahaha!!!!

Ya I find that funny. 

BUT ANYWAYS!!!! That's not what I'm gonna be talking about today. Today, I'm gonna review another Air Crash Investigation.

This is about Flight 1951 Turkish Airlines. Boeing 737. And ya this episode... I didn't really understand much about it.

I kind of know what they were saying on the 4th part of the video but it was just hard to remember ):

Again, shit me!

Sorry. Let's focus onto what I was saying.

Ya it was probably a retard mode on the plane. I'm not talking about a person that is mentally retarded you retardists. Haha, it's a word I learnt from Peter Chao.

The plane alternator computer was sending out a warning signal to the pilots. They knew the problem but they refuse to fix it.

And yet it was a -8 feet. The captain didn't realise. He keeps pressing the horn cutout so that it doesn't distracts him while landing.

Ya. And the plane wasn't suppose to be in landing mode when it's not the right time. 

And. He didn't notice that the red dots on the left side were already coming up. Warning him and a refusal was made by him.

So the Airspeed Low starts to appear on the middle computer on the front panel.

And they pretty much started to crash onto the ground near Amsterdam airport at the runway. Rescue workers were able to reach there fast in time since it's like I said, close to the runway.

But ya, just gonna let you know, this review's gonna suck. But anyways, I'm gonna give you parts of the episode that I found on YouTube. Yay! :D

Okay. Click on either 1,2,3 or 4 to watch each part. You can either come back to view the next part...or you can just go ahead and find it on the suggestion bar on the right on the video box.

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