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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) MOVIE SPOILER REVIEW

 Hey guys I'm really sorry I made this review late. I was doing other stuff on the web such that I forgot to put a review about the movies I've watched.

You know, I guess I've not been going on my blog as I use to like, I dunno :P Two years ago I think. Or maybe one, I dunno... I hardly ever do touch my blog.

But don't worry, since I'm here. I might as well give the review. It's the least I can do :) Oh yeah, and this is a pretty good time for reviewing it. Cause I just got the DVD. 

Hell yeah :D I mean, heck yeah :( I just don't like to say the word "hell" that much. Cause I just don't wanna go to the netherrealm when I die. Nevermind. 

But anyways this is what the DVD covers basically look like...
Yeah it looks really cool. Well I actually got what I expected from this cover. Hey! I care about the DVDs I get okay? Some people do, so don't give a damn about me concerning this type of shit. 

Sorry :P

I understand the tone of this trilogy and the style the do for their wallpapers, screensavers and whatever other art that they do.

It's just like this. It's the Batman. You don't need that much of a design from it's logo. Just use a font. Type Dark Knight Rises. And do some cracking to the batman logo and you're done.

Lol XD Nevermind. Anyways, I'm really happy I got the DVD and I can't wait to watch it. Well of course maybe tomorrow or some other days. Not now man, it's late.

I got other things to do. If I decide to watch this movie, it's gonna consume time when I need that time to clear my deviantART messages. And stuff. 

So I'll watch it whenever available. Usually in the afternoon. Maybe I'll even finish watching it tomorrow. I dunno these things. 

Well but anyways let's just get onto the movie. Now this movie really gave me a nerdgasm to be honest. Ever since it came out, I've been going back to watch the previous Batman Christopher Nolan trilogies and man, I love it.

Lol, I even watch some spoof throughout. It's just awesome. You people should watch CollegeHumor's parodies. They're freaking awesome XD

So the movie starts out with the plane heist scene. Where Bane's plan was to get himself disguised as one of the hostages. And later we see a plane which appears to be modeled as some sort of Antonov cargo plane. Russian obviously, it's a russian plane. 

So he had a bunch of his gang to crash this plane by attaching lines to the back of the plane. And so the plane goes haywire and all the freaking wings are wrecked from the plane. 

And just killing everyone in there and exploding in their faces. Exploding faces? Wait what? Nevermind. And taking Doctor Pavel alive.

Now I really like this scene for some reason. When Bane enters this movie, he's well for one thing. Yes, he's obviously the bad person in this movie. He's evil.

And it does give a great tone to this movie you know :) *sigh* And then if I could remember the other things that happened. We see Bruce like as if he's gonna stop living his life as Bruce Wayne. 

Hiding out in his mansion and hoping no one will find him. Well except for Lucius, Gordon, Blake and Alfred of course. Pretty much everyone Bruce knows. Or yeah, and Miranda Tate. Lol XD

Man sometimes love scenes are just, I dunno XD Are they really necessary? Not sure. But it's just how the movies roll ya know? :)

Okay! I just want you to know, I'm not gonna go through like every single detail. Just gonna mention the scenes I love. And probably the characters too.

Now the next one was when we see Bruce all broken up after the death of Harvey Dent whose also known as Two-Face. 

Yes, this dude right here

Aw man, seeing that face just creeps me out. Gotta tell you, the other half of the face. It's gonna be disgusting when this guy takes a bath. Rubbing all that flesh and shit...

Because of a lie that it was the Batman who killed Harvey, people took the blame to Batman and doesn't trust him anymore in his heroism. And he's just building it by hiding from Gotham. 

Until our man here, Bane, steps into the movie and obviously, forces Bruce to come out of his cave and become the Batman again. 

Bane's mask is awesome. Although I would really love to see what's underneath that mask. Wanna see what the injury looks like.

It just kinda bothers me that he's bold, I dunno why. But I just do. I also noticed that he keeps grabbing onto his collar at some point in this movie. I dunno, to me that's just his rape walk or pose. 

If you guys remember the scene where Catwoman and Batman was fighting off some of Bane's gang members. Then before she jumps off the roof to get into Batman's "The Bat". You know? That jet helicopter-liked plane that he flies around? Yeah. Before she jumped off, she looked back.

And we can see Bane just walk to her slowly with that mask on and holding his jacket collar. This scene also can be seen on YouTube. Which I will embed right here... :D
 Yeah nearly every scene he's in, he rape walks or pose. Okay maybe we shouldn't consider the word "rape" so much as some of you are not that, I dunno. Perverted? Yeah. 

Well at least he didn't run. Cause he's not an idiot. Who will just run and maybe end up falling off the edge or being blown off the edge backwards when the Bat comes up and takes off. 

And if you want me to talk about the fight scenes. It's definitely between Batman and Bane. That's what this entire movie concentrates on. Batman versus the ruthless madman, Bane. 

I actually wish Bane could be stronger than just a life size one. I mean, if there's anything I want Bane to look like or at least the size out of him is that he's muscular than he is in the movie.

Something like that:

I found this on dA. I really love it. I know, he muscles does looking fuckin' gross but man. I think in this view. I like his left arm better than his right arm cause that's the reason why I think it's gross. His right arm, we can see more of the cell like structured muscles. And it just looks like he has more than 4 muscles.

If you know human biology, we're only suppose to have 2 muscles on the upper arm and 2 more on the lower arm. 

I dunno, maybe upper and lower each has 4. But I don't give a shit. Even if our entire arm contains 8 pieces of muscles, I'm okay with that. 

But this fanart of Bane just looks like he has too much biceps and shit. The shoulder muscle also looks overgrown.

I dunno, in my opinion, the arm just looks gross. He probably can't extend his muscles so he extends his arms by putting MORE biceps into it and thinking that he'll look badass with those arms.

After said, I think it's better if they just keep it that way. Lol, then what's the point of saying all that and wasting a few words. Heh heh :D

Alright. The fighting scene. The first one, I loved it. Even though it was sad that Bruce lost to Bane. But I just think that in that scene, this scene here  The only thing I noticed was that if yo look closely at side of his head near the top at the middle, is that you'll be able to see some nerves butch out. As well as the joint between his arm and torso. 

The muscle. I can't be sure about that part. It's either to show that Bane hasn't fuckin' bath in years (obviously) or that's just another nerve channeling through his arms. 

He even has one that's running down the spine. And obviously it butches out for us to see. Not everyone notices his nerve channels though :P

I felt like in that first fight in the sewer with all of Bane's gang and Catwoman there to witness this fight was really, just really to test how much Batman can endure. Till the point where Bane is like "I will break you".

At then at the end of the fight, Bane finishes it off by pinning Batman down to the floor again and lifts him up above Bane himself and breaking Batman's back.

Yes, break it using his kneecap. Or thigh at least. Heh heh :D And look at this animation 

Heh heh....yeah :|

However I felt that in this fight Bane just let's himself take some of Batman's punches. And he don't even have to make any pain noise like ouch, argh, err, holy shit! 

He's just letting himself take it. And being able to catch Batman's fist and he's like "Peace has costed you strength, victory has defeated you!". 

So it just goes to show that what is Bane is trying to do is to test Batman in his skills that he got from the League of Shadows.

Yes Bane does fight back and eventually Batman outsmarted him. See people, the first person to throw a punch doesn't win every time. Sometimes they do. But in this movie.

It does really the directors some balls to let the bad guy win in the first half of the movie and let the good guy win at the other half. 

And Bane also ends up damaging Batman's mask by tearing it off. Some of you maybe wondering how he does that. You may think it's obvious that he tears it out using the eyehole.

Well. You're nearly right. Cause if you notice after some damage done to the mask, that's a crack near the left eyehole of Batman's mask. 

So with that, it's easy to tear it off. With that being done, it obviously shows what Bane means by "I will break you". All of Batman's moves doesn't work on Bane. Explosive powder, turning off the lights. Yeah. 

It just comes to that point where there's actually a villain who can somehow defeat the Batman. Batman lost because he failed to see Bane's physical respiratory and vessel weakness.

Bane can't actually breath without the mask. Notice that the 8 tubes at the front is the breathing tubes and the ones on the side is the tubes that injects painkillers into Bane's blood vessels.

It's too help kill the pain that he sustained from a legend that happened in the pit prison. 

It also turns out that the kid whose in that pit was Miranda Tate. Otherwise actually known as, Talia Al Ghul. Ra's daughter. 

It was also clear that Bane wasn't Ra's son. Bane just happens to be one of the people who went into the cell and attacks the mother.

A mercenary basically. It turns out the child as Talia has a someone who loves her and protects her. And that person was Bane.

So after the rest of the mercenaries found out that Bane betrayed them by helping the child to escape, they attacked Bane. Bane fought back and eventually loses to a group of the mercenaries harming him physically.

And damaging his nose and mouth. See that's why I wanna see what it looks like under that mask. I dunno, people and I may get grossed out by the horrifying injury he has.

But we did see his face when Talia was telling Batman about what really happened and who she really is. 

Fortunately we did get to see what Bane looked like before he sustained the injury, this was what he looked like...

Yeah we already know it's Tom Hardy whose acting as Bane and I guess for some of you who already knows this, I guess there's no point telling you unless you don't really give a shit about me saying it.

The doctors have done their work as to cure Bane by putting on that mask. 

Alright! Another scene yes? Back when I said it was the other half of the movie when the good guy wins, it's this scene when Bruce becomes Batman again after he escaped from the prison. 
 Yeah. After the bat signal has been fired up, everyone saw it including our laugh stocked now, Bane! Haha! You think you can kill the Batman. You suck Bane!

Nah not really. You can see that he's like "Impossible, keep her close, he'll come for her". 

In your face Bane! Wait why am I still like this? Heh heh :D I find this to not be helped. And we also got our cops back. Which I also can't help but it gets us to this scene HEre...  Wow, when Batman shot that mobile, the whole army of policemen are like pumped with guts and charge towards Bane's army. 

So exciting! :D EPIC! XD

They're all like "YAAAA HELL YA CHAARGGEEE!!!!". Then Bane still gets outsmarted now by Batman. Yes that's what it is. At first Batman outsmarted Bane and then when the good guy starts to win, it's the other way around. 

So the second fight was awesome too as it was called for war. But Bane, I dunno :P All he did in the fight was throw basic punch moves.

He didn't do anything special in that fight. But obviously each punch or kick he throws gives a hard hit as he has brute strength. But yeah I really love the uplifting music. 

But this scene is no good to me if I don't embed the scene here will it? Man I've embedded plenty scenes here already.

I just feel uncontrollable with these things you know :\ Ah, but I'll embed it anyway, lol XD

Here :D  Yeah? You see that, bros? Fist catch. Now at the beginning of this fight, we see Bane walking down the stairs while a thousand police and Blackgate prisoners are fighting. 

So I dunno, Bane is like, kinda taking his time to walk down those stairs though. Not everyone will notice this but if you see closely, some of Bane's gang members are also following him until they go their own ways to find some police men to fight. 

And Bane walks down, a cop comes towards him, Bane pulls the cop's hair. Another one comes and he just kicks him off and knee punch that cop to the chin when he was holding the hair. 

Now I've seen fighting scenes like a hundred times and man, this kind of quick instant punch and kicks just finishes it off. 

Like if you're trying to run through a crowd of fighting people, you gotta do it fast with just one or a few punches or kicks to go to the next few people who are pissed to fight you.

And then Batman exits from The Bat which is not shown but we should know that it happened. It's quite obvious. Maybe more than that but. So he comes into the crowd like as if he's not sure what to do.

Or at least he's just looking for Bane wherever he may be. Well of course there'll still be thugs trying to throw punches and kicks at Batman so. 

One quick fight he had with a thug was that Batman punched him at the front (obviously) and use his lower right arm and flips that dude over behind.

And it's gotta hurt while fighting on concrete road. Or granite, I dunno :P Yes there's granite in the concrete. Wait, is there? I dunno.

I was googling it but there wasn't. So I guess not. And then when Bane and Batman met up quickly. Bane is like "So you came back to DIE with your city..." and Batman is like "No! I came back to stop you".

Now what really cracks me up is that Batman uses the bat voice even to the people that already know it's Mr. Bruce Wayne under that suit and mask. 

I dunno man, but some people probably don't care. And why? I think we all know the reason why.

It's because....

Lol XD No I'm not Batman. Stop with that "Anyone can be a hero" thing. Come on! It's just a movie, a fictional character in the world of Gotham.

Gotham is not real for goodness sake. Oh shit, I might make the kids cry. Nah just kiddin' XD Alright let's get back to the scene :)

In this scene, Bane is just basically straight punches and I couldn't see why Batman can't just dodge or defeat those fists. 

He just keeps backing up from Bane's throws of punches. And then Bane just gives a big kick and Batman just falls to the stairs and then he runs up and turn around as Bane slowly walks up to Batman.

And shit man! That rape walk again! Holding the collar of his vest. Man is Bane like a fuckin' bisexual or something? What's with his walk like this.

Batman then side punch him and the way Bane punches back was like, wtf man? He's like giving Batman hard bumps rather than strong punches. 

And then Batman and Bane got one of their hand twisted together and Batman throws a punch and Bane again, catches it and gives a wide eye fierce stare.

Now I gotta admit, Tom Hardy really knows how to give eye expression. It just feels like we don't even need to see his face anymore to know how he does his facial expressions.

Lol XD And Batman has strengthened to overcome a caught fist and uppercuts Bane's mask. Bane then head bumps Batman with that breath sound. 

And boom! Bane's mask is disconnected >:D 

My god I actually dunno why I like how badass Bane's mask look right now. Well, it's not that I'm saying the damage made was bad but just. Wow, just wow. It's complicated!

It's kinda funny though. And Batman continues attacking Bane but Bane keeps pushing Batman out of the way while he tries his worse to fix the mask.

I'm just saying, cause if I was him and I'm running out of air to breath, I would fix those tubes in no time. To me, Bane is just putting his hand near the mask and shaking the hand with jerked motions and not even touching those tubes. 

Or maybe he is touching the tubes but not even pushing it into the hole. Ye and those holes look ugly :( Well they're holes! What am I talking about...

And with that done to the mask, Bane struggles but with Batman getting in the way, Bane has no choice but to just use his full fury and throw devastating punches at Batman with rapid speed with him leaning against the pillar.

Batman however blocks himself and escape Bane's sight towards the pillar and Bane punched twice through the wall. 

It just goes to show that Bane has the strength of a jack hammer. Really cool theory. But it is true about his brute strength though :) 

Click this link to learn about Bane's strength in the movie fast :)

And the mask part. In the first fight, Bane was able to tear Batman's mask. It was concluded that Batman's mask is made out of kevlar reinforcement. Basically really strong rubber. Tearing it off even with a crack near the eyehole makes Bane a really strong individual.

Yeah :P I just typed out the same text written on the info on that page. But it's good, at least you don't have to go there to find out. But if you really wanna, then sure.
Go ahead, no one's stopping you :)

And with THAT!...being done and said. Batman bends Bane's arm swing of pain to justice! >:D By defending himself and take two more punches to Bane's mask. 

And 300 KICK MODE ACTIVATE! RRRRAWWW! Lol you guys remember the movie 300 yes? Yes :) Kicks Bane through the glass framed door. And kicks him and ask him where the trigger is angrily.

And wow at the beginning of the fight, I find it weird that Bane would be the first to throw a fist at Batman. Well, I guess no one really cares cause if Bane throws the first punch this time round, he loses :D

Alright! >:D *beatbox!* 

So now I guess I have two more scenes that I wanna mention and so on and I think we should be done with this review already :\

We're gonna talk about the stadium explosion scene. Now with Batman not in Gotham, Bane can fuck around with the city however he wants by blowing up some parts of Gotham.

Blowing up the bridges such that no one could leave as to die with the atom bomb explosion. I've always wondered what people who works in the stadiums could do underneath a football field this big.

Cause if you notice after the field has been nearly corrupted, you'll notice that there's levels of debris and stories behind the pieces of the field laying around. 

And that hole looks really deep though. How many stories do the workers need to operate this stadium and maintain it? Well, the only thing is that the stadium can't be used anymore.

Fuck you Bane! Ehh...but anyways I don't watch football or any other sports anyway :P And then from there, the death of our good Dr. Pavel dies when Bane snaps his neck :( 

And he also killed Daggett :( Come on Bane, seriously? Oh well, sometimes some movies kinda or completely disappoints. Well, good thing Blake didn't die.

Cause it's revealed that John Blake turns out to become the boy wonder, Robin :O They actually picked the right person though. I have to say Blake is actually good at fighting though. Just that he doesn't show that much of fighting in the movie.

But we don't really need him fighting do we? Well not unless we know he's actually Robin from the beginning then yes.

Otherwise, I find it actually pointless with him going into war with Batman. I mean, he's a cop. I don't think we need him fist fighting, leg kicking right?

Well except when he was in the hospital. But that one was more of a chase down rather than a real fight. He brought a shotgun with him so...yeah :P

Finally at the end, after Talia aka Miranda and Bane is dead, Batman brings it out to bay to keep the city safe from the blast radius. I find it sad that the chief died though :(

He was a good man D: Fuckin' tumblers. Stupid Talia, I hate her. You even had the worse death ever in the movie >:( 

Don't look at me like that, she's a villain anyway. I find Bruce to be wise to accept their relationship later as things might come to a twist so...good option you made there Bruce! :D

So last but not least, we see the end of Bruce as Batman and out to live a normal life. Robin becomes the next Batman and so on. 

Now some of you or even most of you might know this already. Bruce didn't actually die when he said the autopilot is not fixed. He faked his death simply because he doesn't want to become the Batman anymore as he's retiring.

I dunno, I think this should be the last movie for the Christopher Nolan trilogy. If there's one more, Hopefully most of the movie will be concentrating on Robin being Batman and fighting maybe the Riddler? No? Oh yeah that villain is already done and gone. 

So umm...maybe Penguin? Mr. Freeze. Yeah! Mr. Freeze. He'll look freakin' badass in the Nolan trilogy >:D 

If you dunno who Mr. Freeze is. His name is obvious. Here, here's what he looks like :)

He basically goes around in a suit with sunglasses and fires weapons that fires ice particles. Basically freezing and so on. With cooling tubes at the bottom of the suit's chest piece. 

I bet he's gonna look less protected. He's probably gonna be like Bane. He's bold, wears a mask as he can only breath cold air. Or at least frost. 

I dunno, he could look like this

Except maybe with blue skin? Yeah :) I dunno, it may look extremely different from this one here made.  

I dunno, but we will eventually see in a long time ahead as we shouldn't go that far for now. As it's just too ridiculous to do that with explanations.

No way, no way!

Oh well, I hope you enjoy the Dark Knight Rises like I did or at least close. And I hope to see you guys soon (probably not :P) 

Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Love you guys, bye and chao! ;D