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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transformers DOTM game trailer

This is actually the first game preview of the Transformers DOTM game. Ya it's all nice and...I just dunno why Megatron still look kind of the same.

But man, did you guys see who that Decepticon is? Besides Starscream and Megatron? It's SHOCKWAVE! Oh my god he looks so awesome.

Good thing they put that red eye on him. It looks good, so much better than the yellow eye he had. I mean, what is that? Some kind of Ceptorion or something?

I mean, the G1 shockwave's eye is dope. But I dunno, it is dope and okay at the same time. I like the new shockwave better.

But I'm not saying Shockwave is bad. He is evil of course, that's his job. Anyways, nice to see him. I wonder what vehicle or flight form he'll be.

And yet, I still dunno why Bumblebee gets to do most of the action. He does something like Iron Man 2.

He jumps out of the plane and transform on his way down. Awesome. But the thing is, I think that the guy who made the game is whack.

I think he copied that idea from Iron Man 2. And I'll tell you, that movie is way past now. It's 2010, or 2009. I dunno. I forgot, I'm usually not a fan of Iron Man.

Anyways, it was awesome actually. Oh ya, and Bumblebee comes out with a bunch of cannons, machine guns and miniguns.

I dunno but he looks awesome in the end of the trailer with THAT! Okay I guess. But I'm still looking for the movie one, not the game.

But it's okay, I guess. I just hope the trailer the real trailer from the movie comes out on March. Okay, see you guys.