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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Noisy Airplane Ride update

Hey guys...remember that part of the review where I said a kid drew the front page with a brown marker? Yeah, now I have a screenshot that I took hours ago.

I took this with my mom's laptop. Her's had a webcam that built into the screen. 

So anyway, yes...this is the actual photo that I just shot. And...I didn't know what this kid was drawing. It kind of looks like a bacon on a plate or a tongue licking the floor.

O_O Oh my god. Anyway, this is an actual photo that I just took a screenshot of with the webcam.

To see my "The Noisy Airplane Ride" review...

So...yeah this is just a quick update for that review. And I hope to see you guys soon. 

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Bye :)