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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great night

I thought I'll never see my cousins and relatives again...but guess what!? I did. We went to a community club. Which is usually places that has resort. 

More like resort islands. Yes we went to a resort island. club. It's an awesome night. 

I have everything I wanted to tell Joe. My best cousin, he is someone who makes me feel the best of the best.

We both are nerdy. But cool at the same time. It's just too awesome. I told Joe how Megatron was defeated by Optimus.

Actually he wasn't defeated, he was killed. I mean...duh! You all knew what happen, if
 But if this one got's an incomplete one:
 Well, if this one got removed too...then I guess we'll have to wait for the DVDs and Blu-Rays to come out and soon...

HD will be provided. And of course, no camera recording it. Just taken from a DVD. Or Blu-Ray. And also I told him to watch an episode from Smosh.

Which is Editor:
 Yes this is funny, I know. But I've seen it a few times though. And I also told him I love a K-pop song. 

Which Joe and my cousins are fans of. Amazing huh? I guess, cuz' not much of you guys know them. It's a group of dancers called 2PM. 

At first I thought it was the title of the song. But to find out, it was a dance group name :P

And I'm not asian. If you're wondering. Of course I'm an american. Where else would I be? 

Here's the song:
 Yes the way their hands and head move is kind of awkward. Feels kind of weird. Cuz' I usually never listen to K-pop songs.

And it's not really my thing. But this song got me interested so I decided you know...why not? There's also some babes that's I dunno...american, european or austrailian...I dunno.

But I think they're american. I dunno if I was them, I wouldn't wanna go to Korea. And I'm not being racist! D:<

Anyways. I had a great night as mentioned. Thanks for this. Remember to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)