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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My latest videos on YouTube and Green Lantern(2011) Review

Alright well first off...I'm gonna talk about my latest videos on YouTube.
I'm gonna upload a new video after this....

So just go to my channel by clicking here 

I'll just share the ones I already uploaded before this post even happened :|

Starting from newest to oldest, down.

DVD Pictures Preview

Transformers DOTM, Green Lantern and TRON Legacy DVD

Changing your channel back to the old version

Oh god this things are being slow. Anyway I dunno if my computer is slowing down...

But I think embedding the videos was the problems :( But just go to my YouTube channel to watch the rest.

Oh! And I'm using my laptop right now. Yeah I dunno why it was slow. Was! But probably because of the embedding I guess.

Or the connection. Yeah me and the rest of the family had problems connecting to the web. I mean, we do have wireless connection but it's just strange... 

The internet doesn't seem to load a damn freaking page at all. All the sites have lost their connections. We have to like kill a few hours first  then...

Can the connection be back online.

So just click on this image to go to my YouTube channel...

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I found this awesome looking photo and I decided to use it. And no...I didn't do it myself.

And believe it or not, my laptop and PC doesn't even have a Microsoft Office. 

It's kind of hard to believe but yes, I didn't really have any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and stuff like that.

Well...except for Outlook. It's the only one there which I don't really use and that I don't see any point using it.

But I don't care about it anyway. Rather leave it there for nothing. Besides it's not much of a big deal removing Outlook. 

It's not like I care, which I already mentioned. But now to get onto my Green Lantern 2011 review.
 Yeah it was heckin' awesome! :D

I love it when he says "The brightest day, the blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Beware of my power, green lantern's light!"

Awesome :) But originally I'm not really a big fan of Green Lantern though. But I gotta admit, this movie busted the blocks right out of the wall for me :D

It was awesome. With the ring, you could create anything. But you have to focus. Well of course creating it doesn't mean it'll be use for a life time.

Like creating a race track. Lol XD

Heck did anyone see the scene during the credits? Yeah Thaal Sinestro turned into the Yellow Lantern O__O

Well he's supposed to I guess. Cuz' I saw some of his comic images and he was the one who's gonna turn into a Yellow Lantern.

Nooo D: I mean he's the good guy in this film. Why the heck did he turn into a Yellow Lantern? D:

Lol XD I used to much of this -> D:

But here's the pictures that I saw him in the comics -> link

I did see the part where Hai fights with the gigantic Parallax at a DVD store. It was awesome I guess :)

Now I didn't even feel like anything about it since I've already watched it twice :P

But there's one part that shouldn't have be done. When is pointing out the middle finger to put on the ring. What the freak, dude.

You know, the part where he showed his power to Tom? Or Taika...or whatever his name is. Yeah :|

But I think there's gonna be another Green Lantern movie since it wasn't over with Thaal turning into a Yellow Lantern :(

And the movie feels really short. I dunno what it is but I think it's probably like one and a half hour long.

Or maybe even two hours I guess :|

I dunno, I think I should watch it again. Maybe :| But anyways I didn't really have anything much to talk about this movie.

Cuz' like I've said, I'm not really a big fan of Green Lantern. So yeah...

Anyways, remember to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)