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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Humbling River uploaded >:D, Battleship and future...

Yeah, so this is it. I've uploaded it here and there you guys go >:D I put in Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, District 9(the guy looking at the horizon with a massive ship hovering), Transformers 3 and the old Call of Duty. 

That's right, I used the Transformers' font to do the lyrics. Hehe :D You can download it right here ->  [link]

Yeah I'm using the SAME EXACT font. So if you want it, go click on the link. Anyways, I bet the part where Ironhide is in the war, it's hard to see the lyrics.

But I can't do anything right now since it's already done. More important is not the font color, is the lyrics. Just go to the video above, move your cursor to the top of the video box.

And there the title will pop up. Click that and it'll lead you to the video page. Just that the URL is extended due to this video box here is actually embedded.

But anyways, I'm not bothering to explain more. Not in a mood right now. And yeah I haven't really put the music videos with huge knockers on DirtyDirtySam

The last entry was last night. And so I didn't have time, I had to go to sleep and stretch the sh** out of me and go to the dream world on my damn mattress.

Okay it's not really damn, I'm just expressing. Pfft XD

So yeah after this entry, I'm pretty much gonna  do it after this. I mean...I got messages to answer on deviantART. And later I might eventually watch Battleship...
Aw ye that's a badass poster right there. 

Lol XD Now I sound kinda like a black person. Or nigga as people refer it to. But no, I'm not asian. Seriously, I'm not. So don't you get any ideas or I'll a giraffe in your perdongkadong. 

Yeah this poster shows that the alien ship is a hundred times larger than our own naval battleship. Well, aliens are aliens. Why can't we have big technology like this?

Why are we so weak? But this is basically just a blockbuster film action packed, so I won't argue. Besides, I'm not even arguing, I'm just questioning why can't we have this sort of stuff.

I dunno cuz' we're born with mountains, plants, and water? Why do other species have to be so special? My conclusion was when we find alien races in the future, somewhere around 2020 or 2030...I mean, the aliens can't hold out forever.

Someone out of this world should crash land on our planet. By any chances would the rest of it's species come to Earth and make us a great and amazing future.

I mean we already dreamed of having cars on invisible highways, self-built buildings, flying cars of course, planes fly at light speed. Or just the speed of sound. 

Yeah but, I think it's best if we come up with our own futuristic technologies. I mean, we are the aliens to other species so, we had to come up with our own powerful future.

Be independable that is. And now, hope still remains. I mean, people already started building robots that needs us to control instead of them doing what they're programmed to.

Ha! Oh well, wish to see all this in my adult life. My future adult life will be awesome. But anyways, the thing is. I just hope I really can watch Battleship.

I bet my cousin would love it too. I bet he's been anticipating to glue his butt to the seat of the theater room and watch Battleship. And by glue I don't mean literally.

As days past...

So this is another blog entry I've decided to write since I'm really bored and I'm finishing a music video. It's not really made by me, I just found this song and decided to make a picture slideshow out of it.

Yeah but anyways, this will be my very first music video making with lyrics in it. And I have to start over the timeline everytime I add a lyric. Cuz' the music didn't catch up so I have to.

Sh**ty huh?o_O

It's not like I have any choice. This music is the one which takes over the trailer for Transformers Fall of Cybertron. The name is Humbling River composed by Puscifier. 

Yeah I dunno why it's called Puscifier. It's the thing a baby sucks and, yeah :| You know what I mean, don't have to show it to you. Would be rather disturbing than cute.

It could've been faster without the lyrics, but...I wanted to do the lyrics so I figured out, you know, why not? :)

I'll probably been done tomorrow. Cuz' I'm almost finished with the last part. I also think I could just write this entry while repeating the timeline constantly. 

And yes, constant and repeat have nearly the exact same meaning. But don't worry, when I finish this and finish uploading to YouTube. I'll make it my blog theme and you guys will here it.

If you wanna go to the video, just go to the "Blog Theme" gadget on the right. Move your mouse slightly to the top of the tiny video box and the title will pop-up. 

Just click it and it'll bring you there. Beware that when you get there, the URL has an addition. Because you found it from an embedded one so... yeah :|

I don't think I need to tell you that, but I'm just giving information. Hopefully you'll thank me for that. Humbling River is like this motivating, sad music that is the best theme for war scenes.

Alright...after I wrote the previous paragraph, I'm done :D No cuz' I switched back to Movie Maker and was lazy to repeat the lyrics as a chorus.

So I just put "Chorus with remixed lyrics". Yeah. Well the chorus will take out some of lyrics just so it could fit into a minute. And yeah.

I've actually uploaded recent music videos. But I don't upload it here because this is a personal blog. I can't show you huge boobs right? I mean come on.

Go see it on my porno blog as DirtyDirtySam.

Gonna post an entry of the music video I uploaded. Cuz' most of them have huge boobs. However, I do have one that doesn't contain porno in it. Just anime.

Here it is :)
And the thumbnail for this is kinda perverted but, she's having headphones, so :P

In fact, all of them have headphones in this. And I do agree using headphones is the best usually because it blocks out the sound around you. But one bad thing is that when people wanna talk to you, you can't hear anything but the music.

I wanted to use this one but it has matched third party content. It was blocked to USA so now I have to go through the process of how to unblock a video to other countries.

Just go YouTube it and you'll find it :)

And no I'm not lazy, I just don't want you to depend on me. Hehe ^_^

Lol XD Well, that's it. And now I just gotta do some things and then also upload the Humbling River music video. Alright well, see you guys then :) Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)