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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Noisy Airplane Ride Book Review *SPOILERS!!!*

After all this years, I've borrowed this book from the library.

It's this book that tells kids why they hear these noises on the plane.

And they're eager to find out why. Of course, they are curious. They're not cats.

Yes yes, I know. Curiousity kills a cat. Basically. But that's not what we're here to talk about. What we'll be talking about is this book.

It's written by Mike Downs and all the illustrations are by David Gordon. Jeez...nice names :D

The image you see above is the book's exact cover. This copy of the book from the library had one little problem.

It has a brown marker ruin all over it. This kid doesn't even know how to take care of books. But it's okay, they're still young people.

And of course, they learn things that are super simple than a kid my age. I'm not telling how old I am.

This story basically focuses on the sounds made by the plane. And in this story we got here is a 10 years old kid getting on board a Boeing 737.

I know the model he takes. Simply by telling low the height of the plane is. And how short the wing really is.

Oh! And it's also easy to tell at the "Other Things You Might See, Hear and Feel" page. David have drawn the complete model of the plane.

So yeah, it's easy to tell for me. And for those who are well-recognized with the plane models. And enthusiasts.

Alright so this 10 years old boy runs down the air bridge/jetty and the page says "STOMP, STOMP, TROMP"

It's the sound he made when he's running on the air bridge. The sound only happens when the bridge has a lot of people in it or when you're running.

It's silent when you walk slowly. Then the bottom shows that he is buckling his own seat belt.

I dunno but Mike should've wrote the sounds of the seat belts. Yeah I'm not so sure why. Besides, I didn't even know the reason why.

Maybe the space is too small ):

Then the second page has two sounds. The first comes as a "RRR-RRR-RRR" and below it says "The engines start, one by one. Smoke might puff when this is done.

I dunno what he's talking about a smoke. The smoke only happens when you're taking off. Which creates maximum power to the engines.

Another one says "WHIRRRR" and "On the wings, the flaps slide down. They'll help the plane get off the ground".

And yes, this is true. But the book didn't mention the slats. The slats also help the plane to create more lift. It's okay.

Flats and slats create maximum lift so that the plane could ascend effectively.

And there's one thing before I get on to the next page. There's this podcast that I found and it's basically talking about the book.

It's an audio file. So no video D:
To listen to the podcast. Here's what I need you to do:

1. Click on this icon:

2a) Click "Open" if you want to listen to it without downloading
2b) Click "Save" to download it and then play the podcast.

3. So once you've either Open/Save, listen.


And you're done :D

After the podcast finished, come back here. Now let's go onto the next page.

Okay. Then the next page shows the plane's nose gear, which is the wheel. And it says "THUMPITY, THUMP".

Then it says "The wheels bump on taxi out". Basically I dunno what the heck is a taxi out? Man, Mike's gotta work on his English.

Yeah, then we see an orange plane took off in front of them. For one thing I know is that planes are to stay clear of the runway even though a plane has already lifted off the runway.

That is because an aircraft creates turbulence when they take off as the wind from behind pushes the plane.

But I dunno why Mike wouldn't think of that. Cuz' in the podcast I heard that he said he's a pilot. 

Then the picture below shows the controller at the control tower. And what the heck. "Ground controllers choose your route".

Why the heck does ground controllers need to choose their route? They're not the pilot. They work at the gates.

Next page. Then a picture shows the pilot pushing the throttles forward to power up the engines to maximum. 

"RRR-ROWRRR " and "Throttles forward, engines roar".

And yes, it's true. I don't have anything to say about it.

"Down the runway, time to soar". Actually I really like the picture of both the orange and this blue airplane taking off.

But the thing is, from far they look like Boeing 777s rather than 737s.

But nevermind. It's just painting. In fact, all the pictures are painted. And takes a lot of concentration. Even the smallest details to the pictures.

The next page is awesome. It show the wing and the tiny windows up there. The plane looks gigantic O_O

And you also can see the engines firing it up from the rear.

"RATTA-RATTLE-SHAKE"..."There's bumpy air as you ascend. See how the wings are made to bend?"

And yes, the wings do bend. It's kind of weird though. The wing doesn't have any support beyond the engines.

So throughout the entire journey, the wings will intend to move up and down a little bit like the directions a bird use to flap their wings.

"WHIRR"..."Flaps up". Yeah, the flaps go back to it's original position when the flaps are set to zero.

It's because from there when the plane has reached it's height, the engines take over as they push the air continously and none stop until the fuel is exceeded.

And next..."CLUNK"..."Wheels Up". I don't think so. They normally sound like "ERRRAAAMMM" or something like that.

CLUNK sounds like metal hitting a rooftop. No offense.

"THRUM, THRUM, THRUM"..."The engines hum throughout the flight, never stopping, day or night".

How can it won't stop? What if it hits the building when it arrives at the gate? XD ahahahahaha!!!

Lol :D

It only depends on how much fuel the plane carries needed for the entire trip.

"DING"..."The seat belt sign goes out. Flight attendants walk about".

Normally the sounds are "PING...PONG". Lol XD

I dunno but it should be. Anyways, the next one is "SPLASH!"..."Oh no, you tipped your cup. That's okay, just wipe it up".

Wipe it up? The stain is still gonna stay there. There'll be a smell and a darker spot on your shirt where the orange juice spilled all over.

It won't work. And I dunno why the heck the parents are happy. They should...I dunno, help him? The father was using his elbow to bum him.

Why is he so careless, he's the one who bum the son. Why doesn't he say "Sorry". How rude! Okay now, I'm just being naggy.

Sorry. But it's his father's fault, he should really apologize for what he did. Unforgivable >:(

"SSSHUCKK"..."The lavatory latch can slide to make the sign show "occupied". And I think kids are well-recgonized with toilet cubicals locks nowadays.

Some of this sounds are unneccesary when you've already know what they sound like. Then the other thing is...

"KER-OOSH"..."Don't let the airplane toilet flush scare you with with it's noisy gush. Now...I get what he means.

Some kids may think that flash is some kind of monster and that they wanna escape or if they're parent are in the toilet with them helping them to pee, they grab on to the leg.

Okay now that's disgusting. The urine maybe drip on the floor. So yeah just make sure your junk is cleaned up.

The toilet flushes doesn't really scare me at all. In fact, every single one of you aren't. There's no reason for that.

"CLICK"..."Just push the button for some light, and you can read this book at night". Yeah...I usually like doing stuff at night when you're in a plane.

That's awesome. Even though it's actually boring. But it's nice and comfortable.

"DING"..."The sign's back on. It's time to land. You'll get to hear more noise again". Yep...definitely.

"THRUM-UMMMM"..."Throttles back, as you descend, your in-flight cruise is at the end. Well...almost. Sorry for using too much "..."

I just need it for the sounds.

"KERCHUNK-CLUNK"..."Wheels down". If this sounds were made for the landing gears to come down...why weren't they made for the take-off? I dunno.

"WHIRR"..."Flaps down". Yes, raising the flaps will make the plane fly further. But drops faster. So that's why the engines help to prevent the plane from dropping.

"ROAR!ROAR!!"..."Reversers help the plane to slow by changing where the thrust will go". Mike should really put a "down" word between the slow and the by.

"ERT-ERT"..."The wheels touch; you're on the ground. Next, the pilots slow you down". Don't you mean the plane? How could it be you that is the one slowing down?

Weird :S

"SHUDDA-SHUDDA-RRNNN"..."The airplane rumbles, sometimes shakes. Lots of planes have noisy brakes". Obviously.

The plane just touched the ground, how could it not have any sound?

"WHIRR"..."Flaps up". Duh...of course it's a whir, it's already mentioned earlier

"THUMPITY, THUMP"..."The wheels bump along again as the airplane taxis in". Must've put a lot of rocks on the runway.

But that's dangerous. Anything on the ground could fly up and damage the plane D:

Then there goes a bunch of noises you see on the page. Then it says "At the gate you're almost done. People take their bags and run".

Why would they be in a hurry? For what? Jeez, they gotta learn to relax. Oh my god, man.

Lol XD

"HELLO!OVER HERE!!!"..."Hey, that sound's not from our ride. It's Grandma waiting just inside". Where? She can't be in the plane, she didn't even come to the airport for a plane.

And why is she standing at the entry way of the air bridge? She's not allowed to do that. She's suppose to wait at the arrival hall.

I dunno. Maybe they've already exited the air bridge.

And now...I'm done reviewing the book. Woooo...

*swipe hands across forehead as a relief*

Lol :D

I've finally finished talking about the sounds. Sorry I was frustrated so I couldn't say much of the sounds :P

Anyways, I'm not trying to offend Mike or David. It's just that there are some mistakes that should be fixed.

But anyways, this is a great book. I love the way the plane looks. But it doesn't have a logo D:<

An empty plane D:

But nevermind, this is just like a book that shows examples so, it does not have to tell you where they're going or what airlines they're taking.

So I understand. Anyway, I'm just glad I've finally found this book after a few months.

I still love this book even though I've made a lot of mistakes about it. But I still love this book. I'm not trying to offend Mike.

I'm just pointing out his mistakes. Hope he understands peacefully.

Okay can order this book online at Borders. Click on this Borders logo below:

Okay well... don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

8th Grade Adventure Camp

First Day

The first day of camp. Well...I offically don't really like first days of camps at all.

It's gonna be like a long journey that sucks in my opinion. Not unless it's a 2 days 1 night camp. That... I'll accept.

But no, this camp is 3 days 2 nights D:

Man I hate 3 days camp. They suck when you're away from your family and home. But anyways...the first day is okay.

This camp mostly is about overcoming obstacles. Which includes heights O_O

And yes, I have a great fear of heights. Good thing I didn't take the High Elements test. I would've shit my pants.

I actually pretended to have a stomachache. I didn't wanna try that tall bastard. It's way too scary for me.

Lucky me >:)

Then we took a bath. The first evening didn't go so well for me. The toilet actually have showers that comes in a row.

It's exactly like those shower you take after your Physical Education at school. But I took the cubicals instead.

How stupid was I? When I took the cubicals. There were lines. So I had to line up and that I had no time for a bath D:

So when I got into the cubical... I had to put my shoes aside and take my slippers out. I actually took a minute to go naked in the cubical. 

Sorry. The guys kept on banging the cubical doors. And the lock that the door has is not placed. The lock actually locks on the side wall that is of course, super near to the door. 

And this doors don't have a vertical rectangular hole to fit the lock. So that sucks a lot. And I mean, A LOT! With them slamming on the door everytime... I'm worried that my shirt, underwear and pants might fall off the hooks.

And they actually did. It dropped about 2 to 3 times on the damn wet floor. Crap D:<

The shirt go wet. Completely wet. So I had to wear the wet shirt to my hut. And the inside of the huts are like this:
As you can see, in the middle...there's a walk-way. Or whatever you call it. Then we sleep on either sides. Any side we want. 

And I've been to huts like this before. So I know how to handle it. We had to put our shoes outside. And walk on the dusty nature leafs that are the staircase XP

Crap. I dunno why we can't take our shoes and slippers in there. I dunno, but one thing is certain. They don't want any bacteria, sand or anything on the floor.

Maybe that's their idea. Or it's just the way it works in this camp. 

Anyways. When I got back to my hut, I had another shirt that is another shirt that is of course...clean. And then the wet one, I had to hang it on the top holes.

That shirt dried for a day. Or...longer than that. It dried from the time when I got back to the hut and changed to my new shirt.

Till the second night of the camp. That one I'll talk about it later. The other thing is...sleeping time.

I didn't get my opportunity to call Mom, see if she's alright and telling her that I love her very much. I'm a good person.

We're not allowed to bring handphones into the camp. 17 students got their handphones surrended. Except for me.

I didn't wanna lose my phone like this so I could call Mom. So when I didn't get the opportunity to call Mom...I'm sad );

Second Day  

This is almost the last day to everyone in the camp. That's because the next day we're gonna go off soon in the morning :D

That day we're doing the High Elements. Again D:

This time, it's for those who didn't try out for this obstacle. Mr Wilson wanted me to go. But I told him that I have stomachache. Which I also pretended to have it.


So that was a relief for me. We didn't have time to do more of the High Elements. I'm lucky that I didn't do any of the obstacles except for the Low Elements.

And you can tell that it doesn't include heights :D

And it doesn't. But this one is what I did for the first day. Sorry. Messed up, should've put it on the first day :P

Anyways. Then bath on the second day is good. I took the shower pillars instead of the cubicals. So that it's easier.

Shower pillars are the ones I talked about the Physical Education shower you guys and I take after Physical Education.

I dunno what you call them. So yes, I think the shower pillars are the great idea. But the only embarassing disadvantage is that people can see us naked D: O_O

I know. But I don't care. I just wanna get away from those lines at the cubicals. Before I get another wet shirt again.

After the shower...there's one little problem. I didn't bring my underwear. Shit.

So I had to wear the pants and then run back to my hut and take off the pants and put on the underwear.

Then the second night. I lost my torch light D: ):<

My classmate, Francis, stole it. I think he's trying to hide it. Keeping it a secret. Well, I don't wanna be so offensive but... f*** that Francis.

I knew he took the torch light. Stupid Francis. I hate you. That's the most saddest thing. I tried not to lose everything in my bag.

And someone allowing people like Francis to take it. Why am I so stupid? I blamed myself ):<

I should've close the bag through out the entire camp. What have I done!? This is not a joke. I'm being freaking serious here right now.

And the Ocean Pacific beach wear pants I have... I thought I lost it. But it's hanging outside the hut. I dunno who put it there but thank god I found it :)

I look at the pack list I brought and I have everything in my luggage except for the torchlight and some double A batteries.

I suspect Francis. I had to get him soooo mad that he have to admit it. But at last he didn't give it to me. So he didn't stole it. Maybe I lost it. Or it maybe someone else.

When the lights went off at night for sleep, I'm expecting Mr Wilson to come up to the hut. I wanted to report that I have a lost torchlight.

I told him that I also lost my Ocean Pacific pants. That was until I found it hanging outside the tent on the last day.

Thanks to the instructor that found it hanging there.

So now this torchlight is offically lost. I think it might be in the toilet. I'm not sure. And don't laugh!

Other 8th graders might've found it and threw it into the trash bags during Area Cleaning on the last day.

Crap. I dunno. Cuz' I saw the other group cleaning up the toilets when we're cleaning up the huts we used. So I think it might be in the garage dump right now.

Third Day(last day)

Today's the last day. We took breakfast. And we woke up 6.30am in the morning.

Then ummm...we did the Area Cleaning. And after that, we took a group photo of our group at camp. Then the entire 8th graders.

Then last night when I reported to Mr Wilson. He said he'll ask all the people in my group to check if they've put my torchlight into their bags or luggages by accident.

They said they didn't find it in their luggages or bags. So this offically declares that the torchlight I have is lost.

So now I have to find a new one to replace my old one. And buy two boxes of double A batteries. Firetruck!

We went off at 10am. And arrived at schol at 11am. The trip from the camp to school is boring and far. It took the bus one hour to reach there.

Then when we reached school. We gathered at the foyer to get some trash stuff that I don't care. We were only given a travel plan form.

It's this form that you write down on what vacation you're going to. Like let's say, you're going to Russia, Austrailia or anywhere else by ships, planes or trains or cars, you need to fill in this form.

To inform the school that you'll be travelling to other places soon.

Then after that, we were dismissed. I set at the benches and wait for Mom to show up in the car of course.

Then we went to KFC. Then went to pick up my big sister and then went home.

So here I am. At home typing this post to everyone who usually visits my blog. ^_^


We're gonna have to buy a new torchlight during Saturdays or Sundays. Or whatever time we have.

Right now I still smell a little bit campee D:

I hate that smell. But don't worry. It will go off soon. I hope. Anyways, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)