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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My CPU's power supply is burnt D:

Right now I'm using my backup personal use of my laptop. Since my PC's processing unit's power supply got overloaded.

Okay if everything isn't very clear to you from here, let me show you this picture of how the power supply looks like and the diagrams of it :)
Okay so there's a total of 4 parts in the power supply.

This one may look familiar to you. If you ever see the back panel of your computer before. Normally it's placed at the top-left corner. 

Or if your one is modified to the right then, I dunno :P So first would be the fan that generates the power. 

The monitor socket, that one I don't have. The monitor socket is not supplied by the processing unit itself. It's powered by a plug. I'm using an extension plug.

And here's what an extension multiple plug looks like...
Yeah it can hold 3 to 5 sockets. This one here only holds four. Mine holds 3 sockets.

But that doesn't matter! Let's get onto the next part shall we? The power supply AC socket. This one here is the most important part of the power supply.

Without it, no current will be powerful enough to generate the power supply and therefore, running the entire processing unit to use your computers.

That one I had no problem. And what you've been expecting the worse to be was the Voltage Selector.

This one controls the rate of voltage that goes to your computer. If you turn the voltage too high to the what I did, the wire within the power supply units will overload and explode.

But it wouldn't cause fire to engage the CPU unless the selector has over the top selection. Then yeah :|

It only makes a sparkle in the wire. But as soon as you know, it releases a harmful toxic gas. Please do not inhale this gas strongly. 

It will affect your respiratory system and somehow cause some damage to your body. If you ever smell this gas, please exhale strongly as hard as you can to make sure the gas does not enter your body quickly.

That's what I did too. And now I can't seem to turn it on. I will be using my laptop in the main time until my PC is completely fixed and ready to run it's systems. 

I found a video on YouTube that I found really helpful but I rather hesitate for my mom's friend, Adrian to come and fix this. 

Here's the video I've watched...  Yeah I found this really helpful but like I said I will hesitate for it. I do not wanna damage my computer any further cause I'm not good at fixing processing units so... yeah :(

I'll have to wait for Adrian to come over and therefore have my computer fixed in no time. am I dumb. 

I should've know that that was the power voltage selector. I wish I could go back it time and prevent myself from messing with the selector.

So that was me half an hour ago in time. Trying to pull the selector. Of me not realising that I'm increasing the voltage of the current to the power supply.

It is worth though. I don't see that would be any consequences if I could go back in time to fix my problems.

But I think the best would be for me to wait for repairs to Adrian. And I even had my deviantART cartoons artwork in it.

There was one futanari art that I was suppose to submit to both deviantART and DirtyDirtySam. And it's still in there. 

Great I hope there's no requirement for replacing the processing unit with all my efforts. I even read a part of an article here...


Oh well, it is also helpful. And can you believe I read the entire part of this article? Yeah :O

Anyways don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)