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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Owl City ---Vanilla Twilight and Alligator Skies Review

Out of Adam Young's songs, this are two of my favourite. They're just to nice to listen to. Especially when it comes to study time. 

It just chills you a lot. In peace. Alright so the first song I'm gonna review is Vanilla Twilight.
 This song is the best. One of the best. And umm...yeah it's basically about a snowing day and yes there's actually a NBA star in this video :D

I forgot what his name is, I think it's... I think it's O'neal. 

Not really sure. Cuz' I use to love basketball but now I've forgotten everything about it ): 

But anyways, this song is pleasant as it can be. You just gotta listen to it. It's basically people in the snow spotting a giant red hole in the sky. Which is basically covered by a lot of clouds.

Yes, this country had a lot of clouds and the sky wasn't visible at all. So this is like a story of when a large wide hole appears in the sky.

Or clouds. Then there's this red-colored ray that beams the city. Of course, it doesn't burn. The moral of it was that, people who lives in the snow are seeing the Sun for the very first time.

And this basically shows everything. I like the music though. And thanks, Adam Young. But even though, it's a nice song, I didn't really have anything to say about it.

Cuz' it's so good that it's indescribable. Some things don't really have an answer. The only way to find that answer was to see and hear it.

Well. Yeah, now to get onto the other song...Alligator Skies.
 This song is also awesome and nice. It has someone in there that I'm not really sure who he is.

I know what he looks like and what his name is. He's black. And his name is Shawn Chrystopher. Now sure if the last name is correct. 

So this story was basically when most of civilization is gone. When humanity has gone somewhere into space.

It's basically a story of bringing every human being out of Earth and going into space and flying into the Alligator skies.

I'm not really sure why Alligators are ruling the skies. What? Are they bringing people into the skies so the alligators could've double human buffet?

I don't think so. Basically it means that a rocket that goes up all the way. No turning, just go straight forward non-stop.

And this is Adam walking a few places and record everything so that he won't miss the past. The best things he did.

He doesn't wanna forget what Earth looks like when he lives. Or maybe when the Earth is dying and everyone is living Earth behind ):

But we wouldn't want that to happen. In fact, no one does. Except for stupid nyan cat.

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Bye :)