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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Air Crash Investigation- Ghost Plane Helios Flight 522(Nat Geo) Review

This is another review of Air Crash Investigation. This time, we're gonna be doing Helios Flight 522. The title of this episode is "Ghost Plane".

The mystery to this crash is that the P5 or Pressure 5...selector was hit to Manual. It wasn't set to Automatic.

When set to automatic, the engines normally force air into it and then into the cabins. As they turned into oxygen.

Some of them exits out from the auxiliary power unit. But with manual, the pilots have to do it themselves which is much more troublesome.

During the flight check earlier befor the accident, this 737 has reports of shaking door sounds and is spotted with ice near the door gap.

This is one of the case which cause hypothesis. Normally a gas that kills oxygen and humans like us. To listen to the full story of the here 

It explains the entire story about that P5 selector left to Manual. And yes, click the "here" word to go there.

The other reason why the plane falls from the sky when two fighter jets were sent to look at the plane itself, is because there were not enough fuel.

My prediction is that the fuel were pumped more than it was told to. I dunno how the plane was able to fly almost 2 hours after it's supposed flight time.

The plane was suppose to fly an hour for it's trip from Larnaca to Grammatiko. It's nears Athens. Here's the map:
Yes this trip takes 1 hour. But the plane appears to circle around their destination for 3 hours.

This case is mysterious. How was the plane able to have enough fuel to plane 3 hours above the city? Was there more fuel pumped into the engines and tanks?

I just dunno. It's cannot be explained until the case is cracked. To see the flight's time by time situation, click here 

Oh yeah, and four minutes before the plane crashes onto the mountains of Grammatiko, Greece... it's right engine failed.

So ultimately, the plane fails and falls out of the sky. However, a flight steward who was suppose to go off-duty on that day was in this flight trip.

The reason was because he wanted to join his girlfriend on this trip. I'm not sure how they even allowed him to get on board.
Yes. The plane crashed at Grammatikos near Kalamos and Marathon. Marathon? What kind of city name is that?

The investigators first prediction is a hijack. But at last, it was confirmed that all passengers and crew were killed by hypothesis.

The reason the steward was able to survive the entire hypothesis was because he had used 3 tanks of oxygen that supplies and operates for more than an hour :D

He was the steward that was spotted by one of the fighter jet pilots and was signaled to follow them back.

He used to be a fighter pilot and everything. So yes, he knows how to signal them. The steward who had always dreamed of being a young captain...have failed engines and crashed into the mountains.

One thing is thwhen he turns right to see the really like how the fighter pilot looks like when he's wearing the helmet and the mask. Looks AWESOME. Cool.

I like it when he turns right to see the plane...that looks really cool. And that he puts his visor down. Epic move :O

To hit the full on this image:

Yes so I'm kind of lazy to explain the entire story :S

Anyways, I'll just give you the parts of the episodes that I found on YouTube.

Click here to see part:
1  2  3

Leaving one switch to Manual could be the hidden danger. Okay so I hope you enjoy the episode and hope to see you soon :)

So it was really sad. When the fighter pilots lost the plane. They were like... "Can't believe what just happened, why do they have to crash?"..."Why does it have to be now?"

So it's really very sad and it has that Arabic woman singing at the end. It was like very sad...Arabic style.

I hope this case doesn't happen again. And you know, the steward does looks like a good fighter pilot. When he puts on that oxygen mask, he's eyes were half opened.

Like a counter-terrorist =_=

I think the next time I do another Air Crash Investigation episode... I'll embed the videos instead of just give you the links.

I'll embed them for the next review. Okay so don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)