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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Awesome ending

This is an awesome ending of the Mass Effect 2. Female version. And I like the music the MOST! It makes the ending even more awesome.

Ohhhhh, you guys gotta watch this. WOOT!

Computer problems

I dunno what's wrong with my damn computer and my mom's. Like this morning when I started playing Pet Society on facebook a few minutes ago, it froze. Like stunt, my mouse was the only thing that's movable.

Jank! Sometimes computer freezing really gets on my nerves. Felt like taking the whole cpu and smash it on the ground.

But I dun wanna, cuz' it'll ruin my life even worser. So now that's it good, then I dun want it dead. This has the same problem with my mom's laptop. Last night, I was playing CS:S Beta. Then create a server and the map is cs_assault_night. Map is downloadable here:


That map's pretty good. Before I downloaded that map, I thought there would be raining in the map. But was I wrong! The map is cs_assault_storm.

Damnit!Gotta pay more attention to this kind of thing. Anyways, ya when I click the Start button to begin the server, it froze.

Well, this time it should be good. I hope. Well, that's pretty much what I'm saying so. See you later!^^