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Sunday, May 1, 2011

deadmau5&Kaskade- I Remember(HQ)

Now this is an awesome song that I found when I was going through GameBanana. Or FPSBanana. Or whatever you call it.

I dunno. But anyways, I first heard this song on itbankrock's submission. The AR-15 Eagle Anims Pack. 

To get it, go to:

It was nice. Awesome, actually. I like it a lot. It feels really energizing. Cheers you up everyday. I dunno. You just felt like it.

But for those of you stupid people who thinks I'm talking about sex. Go away, this is no post for sex! I'm serious! No!

Even though I never said it (which I just did), just don't think of it, you dirty-minded.

Anyways. To review this song continously, let's get onto it.

Okay. Yeah, the song really matched itbankrock's AR-15 Eagle Anims Pack. It rocked. 

Yes. A rock, I know.

XD hahaha!!! 

But that's not what I meant! >:(

No no, I'm not angry. Calm down, I'm alright. Besides, even if I'm angry, I wouldn't give a face. 

Or emoticon. But yeah this song is awesome. I like it anyway. No problem.

I dunno what kind of dance would match it. You guys could comment on this post if you think you know what it matches.

Now. This is the shorter version of the song. There's actually a longer version. Originally by UltraRecords. 

Here's the video: 
It has the popping start. But I actually prefer the shorter one. It sounds better.

But yeah, I love this one. Considered as one of my favourite songs now :D

Thanks itbankrock. Oh yes, and here's itbankrock's YouTube channel.

To go, click here: 

Well. I guess I'll be going. So just go ahead and enjoy the music videos.

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