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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

tf3 trailer needs

I had to wait for another Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer to come up. This trailer? I've seen it MANY times already. And I dunno why they still haven't post a single new transformers 3 trailer on YouTube. 

I did check their website but the second trailer haven't came up yet. The teaser is kind of cool, yes! But the only thing that's not cool is that there is no new trailer yet!

They should be able to catch some footage and make a good trailer and on and on. Man! DAMNIT! What's WRONG with people!?

I dunno but I just want a new trailer so bad. This movie's gonabe a big hit in theaters and...O THE WORLD!!!

I just hope that this movie get's everyone's heart started beating once the movie start and get ready for the GREAT MOVIE!YA!

I dunno. But I just can't wait to seat in the seats in the theater to watch the BIG MOMENT on 1st July 2011. Well, I just hope new trailers come up on YouTube and soon enough...I'll be able to enjoy it.