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Friday, January 14, 2011

Stuart Little(2002) Review

I've watched Stuart Little and... I like the story. You see, all Stuart wanted in this movie was an adventure. 

Well, probably didn't choose the right one but uh... it's worth it! Ya I still dun get why Snowbell is the only one who's face is not completely animated. 

I mean, if you've watched the film before, you can see that Stuart, The Falcon, Monty and Margalo is animated.

Snowbell's only has his mouth moving. Well, he's the first character Stuart interferes with so uh...too bad.

Or maybe Snowbell is too furry so they can't figure out how to animate him. But I've seen the first movie. 

They should have chosen a white cat or something to match the name, "Snowbell".


Now, I downloaded this program called "Funshion". I dunno if I've told you guys before on my blog. It's just this program when you download the program.

You go there and can find all the movies you want. Pretty much like an online movie site. But this one is much easier. You just click on the movie you want, then click play.

Slowly it'll download for you while it's playing.

Anyways, the problem is... everytime I had to delete some movies that I don't want or need to. And that's just a rip-off, cuz' I wanna keep them.

Probably cuz of that stupid tiny ram in my cpu. No offence little guy. And sometimes the computer always come up with a warning that I have low disk space.

I had to go to the add or remove programs and remove some of the recently installed programs...

This computer was bought from my mom's office. And someone didn't clear it before they give it to me. So let's face it! It's way too late now, I've downloaded like lots of files and stuff.

What's the point of just...letting it go, it's what the computer needs. Or else it'll go haywire. I dunno. Bu I think what it really needs is a big amount of space to go with.

And dun blame it's my fault, it's the person's fault who use this. He doesn't wanna use it anymore and he didn't even remove the programs that are not necessary.

I dunno but I hope I know what I'm doing.