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Thursday, July 28, 2011

YouTube channel

Yes, now I have a youtube account. 

But unfortunately, 
I'm not gonna be using it for anything at all. Just commenting and liking stuff on YouTube.

Yeah, I'm not really that good at doing stuff on YouTube though. But hopefully this blog would keep my account intacted.

So yes, if you wanna ask me anything, just comment on my channel. You can subscribe to me right here, click this button:
 So yeah, I feel really lousy and all on my YouTube channel. I'm only popular on Facebook, Blogger and my own blog.


If you wanna help, just subscribe. And thanks for getting above 20000 views. Really appreciate it. But I dunno, I'll see how I'm gonna upload videos and stuff. 

Alright well, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

Mail Time with Smosh

Oh my god,I just happen to finish a drawing of Ian and Anthony. 

And I can't wait for it. Unfortunately I could've done it today. But it's still in my school bag.

I'm planning to go to a mail box where they'll send this to Smosh. I hope I've written down the correct address :S

I really hope they would open it. Usually I'm planning...after school, when I'm walking home. I drop this letter in the mail box that's nearby my house.

So after I dropped it in there, I'm so gonna get excited and I can't wait to sent it to them and see it on the IanH's channel :D

To subscribe to them, click on this subscribe button...
 Yes hit this subscribe button and you'll go to their subscription center :D

Only for youtubers to click on the subscribe button. If you're not a youtuber, click this image:
 Yeah this photo would really be a good portrait of Ian. I guess. 

Oh my god!!! I can't really wait for either Anthony or Ian to open it. So excited. Hope they don't just see the letter and not see what's inside.


Here's another best smosh mailtime episode:
 Umm...yeah I was LMAO so much that I actually hurt my stomach ): But on the other one, I would like to watch that part over and over again.

It's the part where Anthony is sitting in that box. And then he sounded like some kind of girl going through his box.

That sounded damn hilarious. Oh and what the heck! Ian starts to close the box with Anthony in there. XD HAHAHAHA!!!!!

It's so funny you have to watch this episode. And then while Ian is closing the box with Anthony in it, Anthony was saying..."Wha...What are you doing?"

Then he said he can't breathe. And what the freak, Ian goes ahead and kick the box to see if Anthony is still alive.

XD HAHAHA!!!! Nice one, Ian. Just watch it! If you wanna...

So don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Oh my god, I'm so excited, can't wait to see my letter in their episode :D

Bye :)