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Friday, June 10, 2011

G-Force(2009) Movie Review

Aw man I love this movie. I've been DYING to watch this dude.

It's epic...and awesome! I love how sexy Juarez goes. Like this:
This is not the sexiest picture I've found of Juarez. Ah but nevermind, at least it's better than nothing, right?

Right? Crap.

Anyways, I love this movie a lot. Speckles(the mole) was evil. At the end.

But it's okay. He didn't betray them, well at first when they found out that he was the one who've downloaded the virus into the PDA chip. 

I don't even know what PDA stands for. Heh heh :P

But who cares. I love it when they're doing disco at the end. Awesome. And Hurley's got the moves :O

Here's an actual video of them dancing in the disco:
Yeah I love the music too. Especially when they say..."JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP!" That was okay I guess.

There was girls singing at the background. Sounds awesome though. Cool cool, smoootttthhhh...

And I love the part where Hurley and Darwin are disguising themselves as a tire rolling across the street. Here's the video:

Fits the comedy type though. Definitely.

Anyways, I found the website, to go there, click on this poster:
I love this poster. Especially when it's all blueish. Love it dude, love it.

To find more, click here 

So yeah, Speckles lost his mom and dad. But to only find out that the entire G-Force IS his family. Nothing is too late so Darwin inserted the PDA virus into the giant combination robot.

And it infected the entire system of t the robot and it also got destroyed. You'll see the entire story when you watch it. Here's a few scenes available from YouTube:

Yeah I love the Pet Shop scene. It's awesome. Haha, Lol nice one Juarez. Saying G Force.

And do you guys know that Juarez in the movie, uses Facebook? Yeah I think there's one clip on YouTube that shows it. 

Yeah it can't be found D:

Crappy huh? I don't know why some people don't want to post that scene on YouTube. Ah...anywho. Just go watch the damn movie by buying the DVD or watching it online.

But I also like Juarez's cute eyes. Got those eye lashes on it =8)

= ---> eye lashes.

And Juarez is a girl from France. As you can tell by that music, accent and personality. And I never knew french people would join facebook.

Since when? I need proof. I mean like, they're not those kind of "computer" person. Why do they CARE about facebook?

Okay now I'm totally getting off topic. But nevermind. At least I think it's in one of the movie's tags.

I dunno. Too lazy to check though. But no one would put that in the tags. They mostly focus on the movie itself. And yeah, that's pretty much the point.

Here's a tribute clip of it:

Oh well. If you want the rest of the tributes, here:





Alright well this is all I have to say. Good luck with it. No really, I mean good luck with it. That might sound sarcastic but really, it's not.

Ah nevermind.

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