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Friday, June 3, 2011

Air Europe 777 design review

I found out about this new Airline called "Air Europe".

Look at that design of the plane that goes on the B777! Looks awesome! O_O

It's got that dark blue base. Dark blue engine with that back flipped hair like logo which is orange in colour.

And the tail with the back flipped hair orange logo on it. No dark blue, just white.

He's a highly detailed picture of the plane:
Looks FREAKING AWESOME!!! Except that it doesn't have that back flipped orange hair like logo on the engine ):

This one looks fantastic. And it has the front view :D

I'm not saying the first photo above is crappy. It's not. At least I get a closer look. Wider look as you might say.

Jeez. Imagine me saying that in an English accent. Wow.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna but this Airline in my storybook, when the plane is flying then another triple seven is flying a kilometer away beside us.

Or when landing, it's waiting at the intersecting runway. Which can be crossed. It's shown in this diagram:
Click to Zoom
And I'm not sure if Air Europe is very clsoe to Air France. I'm not sure. 

Cuz' when I got onto Google and image search on this airline with the 777...Air France seems to appear in most of the search results.

Anyways, the logo also looks like a lion's mane. If you dunno what a lion mane is, it's this:
It's the hair that goes on a male lion. 

Female lions don't have manes. Too bad.

Anyways, we're not here to talk about freaking lions. I'm just referring the logo to the mane.

So I hope you enjoy this review and I hope to see you on the next post on my blog. Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)