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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tutorial: How to find HTML sources on Microsoft Word

Hello everybody, today, I'm gonna be teaching you how to find HTML codes in Microsoft Word.

Now, this is normally where you want to put the text on the blog. So here is what you are going to do. 

1. Find any documents that you want the HTML to go with.

2. Click on "File".

3. And then click "Save As Webpage". I would recommend you save it at the desktop.

4. Make sure the type is "Web Page".
5. The icon is looks something like that. Depends. If you're using 2003 :P

6. Move your cursor/mouse to the icon and right-click. Click "Edit".

7. Since this document is saved as a webpage. It has a HTML source. 

8. Click "View".

9. Then click "HTML Source".
Click to Zoom

10. A script editor will come up. Now scroll all the way down.

11. Scroll all the way down. Like until the scroll bar reaches the bottom.

Click to Zoom
12. You'll see a HTML code paragram there.

And make sure you zoom on thi image to know which HTML code to copy

13. Highlight that code paragraph.

14. Right-click and click "Copy".

15. Now go to your blogger dashboard. Pick the blog you want to put the text on, and click "Design".

16. Select any sidebars that you want to add a gadget on, yes, then click "Add a Gadget".

Click to Zoom
17. Scroll down to "HTML/Javascript".

18. And then paste the code there!

19. Click "Save".

20. After that it'll look something like this:

Ta da :D 

Alright. Well, thanks for listening to today's tutorial, I hope you guys enjoy it. 

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Bye :)