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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

James and the Giant Peach

I just watched the movie on Disney Channel. And the story is pleasant. Which means it's nice. And I really love how wonderful the story is.

I like it when James turn into 3D. And met the family of bugs he've always wanted. I really love that, you guys should watch this. Or else you're get peach-juiced. Haha!Just kidding.

Watch the trailer I put above

Pink Panther&Pals Intro song

Man I love this show. It's on Cartoon Network and it's awesome. Hilarious at the same time. New voices and animation.

AWWWW!!!I really love this show. Watch the intro above.

CS:CZ screenshot taking problem

I had to say, I dunno why my computer can't even take a screenshot of the vGUI in cs:cz picture in-game.

See, the Bender Toons VGUI I uploaded on FPSBANANA. And last night, I saw that it's withheld. The admin told me to add a screenshot.

So I went into the game, try to press F5, F4, F12, it didn't work. I tried changing the keys in the Options.

It still doesn't work at all. That's jank! You hear me?!JANK! Man, I can't believe that admin would "withheld" my download for everyone on fpsbanana.

Well, at last I copy a screenshot from other vGUIs and paste it on paint. And take my picture and paste it on. Then I got to the Bender Toons VGUI download I made. Edit, upload the image, Save and write to the admin that I've done it.

Here, here's what I did:
So I put the picture and covered it. And I hope the admin would accepted it and bring back the download.

Hope this works and let people use this vGUI. ^^

The Riddle (Gigi D'Agostino)

I heard this song when I was watching a cs bender toons vid. And I find it okay and stuff. The only thing that I hate about the animation is that there's some part where flowers came in.

THAT SUCKS!!!I can't believe they would put that up. But overall, I like the song and all. Fits the Bender Toons vid.

Hello sunshine...

So I just woke up and saw the sunshine RIGHT in my eye. My dad just gone out and I'm chillin' right here. Anyways, I'm gonna start drawing the MAC 10 as you've known from my last 3 posts.

And gotta say, I've posted 7 posts yesterday. Incredible, huh?Or maybe, crazy. I dunno what YOU guys think about it. But I'm just gonna go ahead and do my stuff and draw the MAC 10

Counter Strike Source works on other computer );

 Well, my PC  Ram is only 494mb. It couldn't really support the CS:S Beta. 

It only can be installed in those computers which RAMs are 3.00GB to 4.00GB. And I'm not really sure if GB is bigger than MB or MB is bigger than GB. I really suck at that, I know.

I wish my CPU is like my brother's. His one is 4GB, I checked when he got to the restroom. I really hope one day I got another RAM for my computer. Hmm...

If anyone could help, comment. You know, I've seen what it looks like inside a computer before. So there are 3 slots for the RAMs available. I think only one slot is secured with a ram. Really need to put one more ram into the second slot.

Pet Society

Okay, I know this sounds weird and doesn't really fit my blog but... I play  Pet Society on facebook. I've played this game this days and my mom plays it the most. 

I was playing it a few minutes ago from now. And my level is around 20 to 30. I'm know, I good, sort of. Anyways, here are some pics I got with my best cousin.
Left-me   Right-my cousin(we're twins)
Left- my cousin   Right-me