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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Re: Captain America: How It Should Have Ended Review

 HISHE finally did a parody of how Captain America should've ended. And they make it suck and ended the same way.

He still crashed into the Arctic ice. What the freak dude...I so hate this. Why did they make him still crash it?

Seriously. Jesus mac what? Nevermind.

Anyway, it really sucked. I even made a comment right here:

Ah ha...I said it.  Well yeah I said I KIND OF dislike this because he crashed into the Arctic Ice.

So it sucks for me. I guess the person who saw this movie didn't even cry or whatever. 

It SUCKS!!! D:<

I hope they don't put that comment as a spam. But come on, there's not a thing I can even do about it. I can't just hack into their system or arts or whatever and do what I want for the ending.

No. Now if you think that comment is fake...go to the video right here if you don't believe it...

Click here go to the video

Ah ha. Yeah that's right I put the comment right there. Hope they saw it. Who? HISHE. God damnit...wish they had a name.

HISHE is an initial...not a name. Anyways...they make Captain America blonde.

What the freak...blonde?Seriously? He's not even blonde in the movie. And besides Chris Evans acts as Captain America.

He's not even blonde. What the heck...look at this:
Sorry for the disturbing picture. But it's the only picture with him.

Brown hair. Now I dunno, it looks kind of blonde. I dunno...maybe I'm wrong...maybe his hair is blonde but it looks a little bit brownish. the parody is all the way up of this post...hope you enjoy it and go to the video and comment about it. Thank you.

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