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Friday, December 16, 2011

TRON (1982) Movie Review

Alright now I've totally watched Tron and it was AWESOME! :D

Well it is awesome, I even see Kevin Flynn being transported to the world of Tron. Lol XD

I'm just kind of sad that Ram died though. He was awesome :) But oh well, he's just one of the characters, not the main. 

So yeah it's like three buds fighting together. And look at the Solar Sailer in both 1982 and Legacy.
Yeah the Legacy one definitely looks a lot better. But I'm not saying the 1982 version is worst.

It's alright, just the basics. The Legacy version has four fins at the front but the 1982 is just two.

Two fins didn't help a ship to go faster though. But four gigantic fins definitely make the Solar Sailer look more awesome.

And yeah the light cycles are like Kevin's in Legacy. Awesome :) And wow now I know what users and programs are XD

Users are like gods. They controlled and ordered everything around them. So yeah it was great to see Kevin in 1982. 

Still looks the same everyday :) Aw I don't even know what I'm trying to say but yeah it was a great movie.

Tron looks awesome though. And the black guards didn't remind me of anything or anyone.

And back in the 1982, M.C.P takes so long to transport Flynn. They have to take bits by bits of Kevin and then later soon lands him onto the world of Tron.

While in Legacy all the bits well, they just basically take every bits and make all the bits come at the camera.

Oh my god I dunno why the heck I feel so confusing right now. Yeah it's kind of weird and complicated that I confuse. 

So here it is, here's Sam getting onto the grid...
 And also the one from 1982, which is Kevin...
Yeah you see? It's like a freaking automatic garden hose that shoots a straight ray of water and then later it's like this one by one shooting technique that it has.

And wow, they even use an orange to test the transportation out. And one question, if a user is like a god, why can't they do stuff in Legacy like they did in 1982?

Why can't Sam be a god? It's just really confusing though. And Sark is pretty awesome. Except the part at the end where he turns into a 50 feet giant and attacks Tron.

And I don't really know who's the user that Ram has. Okay I think maybe the story between Legacy and 1982 is different. 

But not taking things from 1982 would be fine. Legacy made the Tron franchise awesome. Yep...and Space Paranoids, nice :)

Even though the end is confusing though, I didn't really know what happen. Flynn just got down from the Encom helicopter and then later he hugs Alan and Dr. Lora. 

I dunno then later the camera just looks at the small town and having a time lapse. I seriously dunno what happen there. 

I wish they extended the ending though. It would've been better to see what happened. And I gotta say, the music is really unfitting. 

But I'll just let it stay as it is. Oh yeah! And the one I watched was on YouTube. Nice huh? And wow, Flynn is the user of the program Clu.

And in Legacy, Kevin created him in the Tron world :) Well it turns out that Kevin just felt onto the computer world.

But in Legacy, Kevin creates it. It started out as a plain empty field of the Grid. Then he created Clu and then they build the world of Tron for 20 years. 

I just get why they didn't bother to show how Kevin, Clu and Tron build the world of Tron. They just never show it.

Well, there's one part in 1982 where I find kinda stupid and it's like "what for?". You know? 

That part is when before Kevin jumped into the Master Control beam, and then Yori says "Don't you be derezzed!". 

Yeah that line is so pathetic if you ask me. Don't you get derezzed? Seriously? I don't care if she's concerned. 

Well, I do actually. But seriously? What's with that old love music and the kissing? What the heck is Steven thinking?

Wow...and uh, no offense. 

But overall, the movie is awesome :D Cuz' as you know, I'm a fan of Tron so...yeah.

Well I'm not a long-time fan of course. I didn't watch Tron. Cuz' that time I didn't even know what's a television. 

Or what's a movie or cinema. So I suck that time though. Yeah and the identity discs looks like the frisbees we use today.

What the heck dude :|

I'll give you the parts to the movie that I originally saw on YouTube.

Click any numbers to play part
1 2 3 4 5 6

And wow I didn't knew there was a program called Dumont. I recognize that name being on Sam's apartment. 

You know? The panel on top of Sam's garage door? Which also acts as his main front door? Yeah. 

And wow the guards are awesome though. They're suppose to idle and not talk so much like in Legacy. But this one the guards answer your questions and talk. 

Nice, I like it though. I also like how Kevin create a recognizer. Awesome :D

This movie is awesome, I've give it a 5...out of 100. Lol XD Kidding. 5 out of 5. Don't worry, I didn't hate this movie.

Just make sure you can take a joke, that's all. I hope you enjoy the movie too though.

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