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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tutorial: The HTML to image links

Hello everyone. Sam H. Collends here. Today I'm gonna be teaching you how to use image links and also, I'll give you the basic steps to this tutorial.


First: Let's start with the basic tags for this HTML code:

Second: Now find the page you want people to go to. Like let's say: your blog, your social network account, your youtube account, etc. 

Anywhere. If you're using IE 7, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, open a new tab. Or window if it's an old version.

Now in the new tab/window, go to the page you want people to go. Like for example I want people to go to this cs source map:

Third: Okay. Then I'll copy that URL into the a href location between the "" tags, like this:

Forth: Once the page URL is copied and done, now all you need is an image URL.

You can go to Google or any other places to find the image you want. For example, I want this button right here:
Note: This download image is not an image link. Just an example.

Okay. Then there goes an image URL. To find it, go to the address bar. Here's a screenshot if you dunno what I mean:
You see that red box right there? Yes. You copy the image URL from there.

And then paste it onto the img src location between the "" tags.

Fifth: And this is it! This is the entire code! All you need is the page and the image URL. Paste it there, and you're SET to go! :D

Once you are done, it'll look something like this:
 And yes, this is an image link of what I just did.

And not to worry :S There's a video for this tutorial :D

Here's the video:
:D Yay a video. XD haha! I know. This is the actual video I was doing on.

I followed the steps and type it out here O_O

Alright. So I hope you guys have fun with this tutorial...and hope to see you soon.Sorry about the HTML Code cannot be copied. Cuz' it's an image. Not an image link D:

Remember to: Comment, share and get more viewers! :)

Bye :)