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Friday, August 19, 2011

Spaceballs Movie Review

 Oh my god, you're gonna laugh your ass off once you see this movie. Seriously.

It made me laughed the heaven out of me. Not literally. But anyways, I laughed out loud when the president of Spaceball had to beam onto the control room when it's just right next door.

XD Ah you probably dunno what I'm talking about. Obviously. But for those of you who remember watching this movie, then good.

It's this movie that came from the 90s. Yes it came from last century, the 19th century you idiot. And this is the parody of Star Wars.

XD Haha! It's way better than Star Wars. Yoda is Yoga XD Yeah I definitely agree that they rhyme and that it's hilarious when it comes to a parody movie.

And Darth Vader???I'm not really sure what his name is when they make fun of him. But I like it that his helmet is huge in size.

You know, this movie is so funny...that's it's stupid. But of course, this movie!!! :D

There's a crap load of funny moments. This is a video which has protocol. What? Nevermind. Here it is...

Here's the link to one video that cannot be embedded ):<
 Yeah well, I dunno if I should spoil more videos for you. If you really wanna watch more funny videos.

Here's the video link >>>>>link<<<<<

You can just go ahead and look at the suggestions bar. And find more videos. I was only one video that was embedded.

I'm just feel kind of lazy to put more now. But you guys gotta watch this! This is gonna tickle your funny bones.

I dunno but you can find the DVD or watch it online...or when it appears on the TV. My favourite part of this movie is...

The beaming. The part where Burf throws a giant glass bottle of jam at the radar. Yeah it's actually hilarious.

They needed to jam the radar in order to not let Spaceballs take the princess. They're suppose to stop the radar from scanning their ship coming in close to the Spaceball's ship.

Which is gigantic. You could fit 2 islands in there. And believe it or not, our planet is covered with glass. Of course, we have oxygen...but no sunlight.

I can't put a glass around Earth. That's just impossible, there's no way you could one glass globe around Earth.

And they named it Planet Jew-Idiot. Awesome right? I dunno but it's hilarious. Watch it! This movie recommends...

5 out of 5, cuz' it rocks!!!

Despite I dunno how people in the 90s knew stuff like Planet of the Apes, thought it was a new movie. You know? Rise of the Planet Apes? Yeah.

But it's awesome to see that. And a transformer? Yeah, the G1 series of course. Or G2 series, I dunno. But the Spaceball ship transforms into a maid. Which has a vacuum cleaner.

To suck everything on Planet Jew-Idiot. Anyway, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)