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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bad things with the arrival

Things never went the best they could ever since my dad has returned from his long trip. From China. This weekend is well...terrible.

But not that terrible. What I meant to say that was... ever since Dad's been here, things never happened as the way they were planned. 

Saturday was okay. After I came back from a gathering that usually happens every Saturday with my cousins and relatives at my gramma's house.

And when I came home with my Mom and my sis...then I took a bath. Then someone slide open the bathroom door and guess who it is...

My dad ):< I didn't expect him to came back. Cuz' when he comes back, things just went the way that I didn't want.

Well, I'm not saying I don't love my dad. I mean, we just can do stuff we like with my Dad around. We always had to go with his plan.

And yes, it's unfair. He's always asking me to take a bath faster. I hate it when he gives me 3 or 5 minutes to bath.

Cuz' that's just rape. I hate taking fast bathes, usually because you'll never know what part of your body you've forgotten to wash with the soap.

And he'll just turn the lights off if I exceeded the 3 or 5 minutes. I don't really care. I'm not even in the army yet.

That's one of the reasons why he wants me to be quick. So I think I gotta take the bath after he does. So this doesn't happen to me that often.

Another thing is, when I'm staying at home alone with my maid and gramma, I must take a bath around 9pm. 

Or else I'm dead. Well, that's the worst part. I'm wearing home clothes and I might get a little dirty sometimes...and when I pee, drops of urine got onto my leg.

And I gotta wash it of course. Cuz' I'm not gonna go around with a leg filled with pee. And yes, skins absorb liquid.

Don't you guys know that? So I had to set my alarm clock to 21:13 which obviously means 9:13pm. 

So that when the alarm rings, it's time for me to put stuff down and go take the bath. And when I'm done, I'm safe.

If I don't bath before 10pm, I'm confirmed to be the only guy who smells because I didn't took a bath before 10. 

So that stinks when I'm going to bed. I had to not touch my pillow and my blanket. Cuz' that stinks.

Literally. And sometimes when I go to bed, he'll annoy the shit out of me. He is having his own fun trying to hit me with my pillow, taking my stuff and it's just the kind of thing that you think some bullies would do in your school.

He is bullying me and yet he says he's still playing with me. He thinks he can just get away with everything. And that's not what I call fair at all.

Doesn't even know what fair clean plays are. He plays dirty, that's right. He plays dirty. 

I like my mom better. She's kind, she's friendly and not so naggy. Well...sometimes. My dad is always telling me stuff that I don't wanna hear at all.

And how would I know? This...I wouldn't tell him. Cuz' that the conversation will go on and on. As you can tell, I'm not very social to my dad.

Not very often. He's those kind of people who's like in a low level in class person. Who only knows what play is.

Which when it comes to studies, he doesn't bother to do it with me. But I'm a teenage now, I don't need his help. Except for mom, sometimes.

Usually people like me likes their mom very much. Cuz' they're kind loving than their dad.

I would love to study but I dunno why I didn't get my hands on them sometimes. It's not that I don't's just...ah...I dunno how to express it.

It's kind of indescribable to tell you. Anyways, my wish is that I wish Dad is on his business trip again and it takes the same long amount of time that he has on his previous trip. 

Or longer :D But I dunno if this makes me really selfish and makes me think I hate him. I don't wanna hate him but he just makes me wanna.

I didn't do anything to him but he did. And can you believe it, after he bathes and I use it, he still gives me  the time.

But lucky enough, he didn't turn the lights off and decided to not care about the time. That's good for me. I don't need that bastard irritate me everytime I take a bath.

Okay so this might make me a bad person and if it does, I'm sorry. I just wish things went well for me. Anyways, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)