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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our trip has been made

Now our trip has already been planned and Mom booked the flight 2 hours or an hour...ago. 

And we're sitting this baby right here:
): Well I'm kind of sad though. Cuz' I didn't get a chance to sit a triple seven ): 

Crappy. But I still dunno why Mom booked Tiger Airways. Which also usually flies to Europe and USA too.

I wish Tiger Airways has a triple seven :D But no, it's because this airline company is built for only cheap flights. 

So they only had small planes. Actually it's two. The A319 and the A320. This two models are very much the same.

Here's the family :D

Yeah so the best that I hope is the...A321! But no, Tiger Airways doesn't have A321. Only A320. 

Crappy. And actually a lot crappy. Usually because of cheap fares. Just wish my dad booked us here. ):<

He could've booked any airlines. Which contains triple sevens. Like Singapore Airlines :D

Or any other airlines like:

Wow...that's a lot...of airlines I wanted. But nevermind. It's alright. The inside of the plane looks awesome anyway.

All of them are black seats. A plane with 2 rows and one aisle. Pretty lame actually but it's simple to me. I hope I could bring a camera onto the plane :)

And we're going there for a week D:

Can't believe it. The bookings must've run out of choices but just one left D:

I guess. Or maybe flights going to there are less. So yeah it's from this Saturday to next Friday. 

We're just miss two weekends of spending time with my cousins ): But it's okay :)

I've done this before so it's no big deal. I'm always excited whenever I'm getting onto a plane. It's just so awesome and exciting that you can't describe it =O =0 =|

Haha. I hope I'm able to take a few photos or a video :D A video is always the best but they don't let you use it on the plane ):

I'll try. Not even sure if we have a camera recorder. Well. Cya I'm gonna leave in 6 days. I also gotta brush up my studies.

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Bye :)