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Thursday, February 10, 2011


OH MY GOD! I can't believe it, it's  a new trailer of Transformers Dark of the Moon! YA! This movie's gonna rock.

But I dun like the new actor for Mikaela, she sucks! And she's Rosie Whitely or whatever. I dunno how to sound out her last name.

But I had to say, it was awesome. It was like the whole Decepticons came back for revenge. And yet the  Fallen died.

I dunno. You can see one part where there are like this air balloon ships. Like the one in Command&Conquer: Red Alert. But way more cooler with all the metal and stuff.

And then there was this part where two black cars crashed against each other. But of course, this is Transformers. Once they crashed, they turned into a robot form. I'm not sure who those guys are.

They're probably one of the Decepticon bots. I dunno. The movie hasn't came out yet. But I dunno, maybe Sam, Judy and Ron went to Chicago for a trip or something.

I'm telling you, the movie will even rock better if it wasn't for Megan Fox to quit the franchise. HOW COULD SHE!? I dunno. That scene where she's looking the destroyed city was like sucky.

It didn't even look hot at all. But I'm not trying to offend her anyway.

Oh and the last part, Optimus was flying with jet engines. Jet engines? What? You gotta be kidding me. I thought the parts of Jetfire were disattached from his body. How did he manage to find it. What? Fly back to Cairo to get it? No way.

And I dun understand why the font is like this, it looks like one of TRON's. But ya, this movie is gonna rock anyway. Cya!