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Saturday, March 19, 2011

British Airways Boeing 777 Heathrow Crash Landing Review(Nat Geo)

Wow, I love this episode of Mayday. It's just awesome. And to tell you, I love British Airways. Now, it's about this boeing 777 that went down with iced fuel when it flew through Russia.

Russia, the ice country. 2nd coldest on earth. So ummmm... that incredible freezing temperature cuz the plane's heat exchanger to freeze when the fuel blow off all the ices as they fly through the pipes in the plane and landed on the heat exchanger.
Because of how the heat exchanger tubes are designed, some tubes were designed to pop out. Causing some of the ices to stay above the tubes, never into the tubes.

So that was basically the problem. Investigators took either 10 months or a year to investigate this case. I dunno, I'm not sure.

Wow, it gives them lots of stress and frustration. Surely, you can tell if you watch that episode. So ummm... after a year.

A Delta Airlines boeing 777 had the same problem. It was also the same problem that the ice fell onto the tubes of the heat exchanger.

But they were able to make all the ice exit out from the sharp rare of the engine. All of it flew out the engine.

They were lucky because they were at high attitude and there is more pressure. With more of it, the ice are able to exit the engines from the rear.

But low attitude does not contain any pressure, the ice weren't able to exit out the engines.

So people, now notice that if you're flying in a Boeing 777, the plane has a heat exchanger^^. I dunno if every plane has it.

Anyways ummm... I feel really glad for the plane that survived the tragedy. If not, there would've been a lost of lives.

So fuel doesn't have anything to do with this case since of what the investigators have gone through.

A fuel leak is a very rare. And yet, it has happened before.
Air Canada Flight 143's nose gear was unable to deploy.

So the captain has to make a glide landing onto the runway. However, the plane did not surfer any damages  including the engines and the two wing gears.

Okay so ummmmm... I think I've reached the climax of my review so I guess I'll give you some links to this episode.

Mayday/Air Crash Investigation episode:

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You can choose your preference^^. Well, I'm gonna watch the Gimli Glider. The one with Flight 143 Air Canada very soon. 

So I'll put up a review of it and you guys can STAY TUNE!!! :D 

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