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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crazy Grandma holding a gigantic sword

Now seriously. I've seen this ad like...everywhere I go. On the internet. 

Well...almost. But this is crazy...I mean freaking crazy. The first time I saw this I was like... what the heck.

Anyway, I think this is how people would react to this kind of ad. And since when did an elderly woman like her get so much strength to hold a gigantic sword like this?

And look at her...she's closing her freaking eyes. What? Is she already dead? Is she a zombie walking around with a sword?

Zombies don't really have strength though. Maybe she's sleepwalking. Should be. Cuz' no grandma is ever doing anything that crazy.

Anyway, I clicked on that ad and it appears to be just a quiz. Which I heard of it quite often when I got onto some ads. To go to that quiz...
 I'm not really interested in this kind of stuff. Even though I like studies and all...

But I'm an average person :)

Anyway...I'm sure that people will be like surprised in a bad way. Like they'll be "What the heck". 

So yeah, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)

Your Favourite Martian-Bi*** got a pe*** review (18+)

This song is totally stupid though. The girls are hot but it makes this video stupid. I mean...who puts a hotel key in their underwear?

A smoking cigarette box and a phone in their underwear? Who does that? Freaking stupid.

But the black woman wasn't hot. To me it isn't. Anyway, it's actually true. Some womans are actually born with a pe***.

They're called "Shemales". I think Ray isn't thinking clearly at all. Think Ray, think! You don't put stuff like that in an underwear.

He's suppose to be cartoons which is appropriate and this? No! It's isn't at all. I dunno what the heck is wrong with Ray.

I mean, I like seeing his videos and that it is hilarious, but this? Not at all! Jeez ):<

I dunno if people are gonna put this as one of the most disliked video on YouTube. If so, I think Ray is gonna lose his YourFavouriteMartian channel. 

He's gotta think before he does something like that. Now this post is for 18+ only. But if you wanna watch, it's okay. There's no woman with a pe*** in this video anyway.

Alright there's gonna be too many censoring already. Just don't read this if you're under 18. Just one thing is that:

Phones, hotel keys and smoking boxes should be in POCKETS, not underwears. Don't think underwears are extra pockets just because you run out of pockets.

You can hold that with your freaking hands. Stupid. Anyway, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)