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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cute smiling dog^^

I finally found this cute smiling dog I was looking for. And it's THAT easy! Just going to YouTube and finding it. HA!

He's like the cutest dog I've ever seen. So small and CUTE! But he really needs some improvement on the cheeks. The teeths are creeping me out by the way. Not very.

I dunno what the hell I'm talking about. Shit. Sorry.

But this dog is white. And I like pets with white fur. I dunno why but, they ARE visible at night. I dunno if they'll be scary to you guys when you put them outside the house at night.

And look out the window and seeing the dog sitting there as if he's telling you, "Please let me in..."

I dunno. Aw man! I kept saying that. ERRR!!! Boba fat! But ya, see this video and you'll love it. I wish I have a dog like that.