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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We ain't FIND SH**! 

You know...I don't even know why I said that. But we're not here to talk about that line so let's GET TO IT!

On today's post I'm gonna be talking about the refusal of my mom trying to get a freaking body soap.

Now I'm not trying to hate my mom but all I wanted was a freaking body soap.

I was running out of soap on the very last bottle of soap. It's this goat milk soap that moisturizes your skin.

Which is pretty need. For dry skins and make them smooth again. My mom said that the moisture cells they made were a bunch of replacements.

I don't really care about that cuz' as long as it keeps your skin smooth right? I'm running last on this goat milk bottle soap. And it just ran out last night.

Well it wouldn't have if I was so stupid enough to put more water into the soap gel. I was so stupid...if I hadn't there could've been more soap to take from that bottle.

It all became bubbles that lingers inside the bottle right now and you know what? THAT SUCKS!

So that means no more soap. Using the bubbles won't work. So little soap ever gets onto your palm. And that's just suckish.

I've been begging for mom to buy a freaking soap with moisture...and she just refused to do so. I know I don't have the right but...

How is everyone gonna use it? Everytime I suggest or ask her...she just keep saying stuff that I basically don't wanna hear.

And it would be really annoying. Also that I'm not willing to follow that. I usually have a habit of using soap...a lot. 

Well of course not so much that it completely fills my palm such that it drips down and drop onto the floor. I just use like a teaspoon 

Or even like a 15ml tablespoon...kind of like the one in this photo...
Or maybe more...I dunno. Cuz' this photo is took up-close so...

I'm stupid enough to not know how big a 15ml tablespoon would be. Damn it :P

And she doesn't even wanna buy at least one freaking bottle of goat milk soap or any soap that comes with moisturizers.

I dunno...she kepts denying my request but I can't just you know...not defy her choice.

I'm not even sure if she's gonna buy one when she's comes home. Damn it. I hope so...and also that I hope nothing dissapoints me :|

Well I wanna put this actually 
--> >:(

But I didn't wanna be too harsh or angry or whatever so I decided to use this -> :|

I know it's obvious that I'm not happy with my mom but all I want is just a bottle of soap with moisturizers.

Anyways...I hope she bought like 2 or we don't have to end up buying again and again. Which is pretty much what people do what it comes to buying soap.

I guess. I dunno...being too questionable. And yes that's a word. It's obvious. It's the same thing as being curious.

Asking questions basically. That's all. Okay maybe I'm not really being that questionable. Ahhh nevermind.

But as I've said...I hope nothing dissapoints me tonight. I dunno about you but my skin feels kind of sticky though.

Probably the soap didn't give a good enough grip onto my skin or something. Yeah I actually had one last option left. 

I had a body soap that moisturizes...and there's just two things I don't like about this soap.

1. I used it on camps where the bathroom cubicals are dirty...and if they fall onto the floor...oh shit...

You're not gonna like it at all. The floor may not be cleaned at all. Some of them haven't even been used for months or even years.

Hope it's not years. The best would be just not used for weeks. Cuz' you know..weeks are shorter than months? Yeah.

Yes I'm actually a hygiene freak. Soap is like my best friend. Lol XD

But come on...I can't possibly be the only one who loves to use soap a lot. Come on...

Anyways...don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers...bye :)

And I'll review Johnny English Reborn on the next time I come to Blogger. Bye :) Again D: