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Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 hours to TF3

Alright so it's 14:12 now and we're gonna watch the movie in 5 hours. Which is still takes a lot of time to spend with.

Well, before we have our trip to the cinema, I'm going to my cousin's house to swim. Ummm...I'm not swimming. But my sister is.

Her leg has recovered from a serious injury. She joint the dance club at our school. And I dunno what she did...she fell or something.

And that injury was ignored for sometimes and the leg started to hurt a lot. So much that she cried whenever acupuncture is done.

Or exercising her leg. Something like this. And now her leg has fully recovered. Just that she's walking slowly a little bit. 

Now we just need to go to their house and let my sister swim. I'm not gonna swim, I'm just gonna go up to the apartment and try our best to chat and play. Then 30 minutes before the movie starts...

We have to leave. I'm not really sure if they bought the tickets yet. But yeah, so we're just gonna go to the movie. 

With my cousins. I think they're gonna go there and buy it rather than booking it online. I hope we settle down somewhere in the middle column. I dunno.

I just wanna have a great view of the movie screen :)

So yes, I think we're gonna have a great time. I'm leaving the house about 1 to 2 hours later to go swimming with my sis and my mom.

Alright like I said, I'm not gonna swim, just gonna go up to the apartment and talk with my cousin and have fun.

Well yeah...hope to see you guys later and peace! Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)

The dark side of the moon is coming...

Yeah...I'm gonna Transformers: Dark of the Moon tomorrow :D And yet, I'm watching it with my cousin. My best.

And I dunno. I just didn't felt really excited. I'm eager to watch it with him but I'm not sure why I'm not. I just act it out. But it wasn't fake.

I'm really looking forward to watch it tomorrow. Hope nothing bad happens. Really...or else I'll miss the movie ):

Hopefully some things will be different in the clips. Pretty much a preview of it. Sometimes, things in trailers just happens differently in the movie.

Like the lines the characters are suppose to say, then in the movie, the lines became different. I dunno, I just felt like it. 

And I guess some people does it too. Oh yeah, and Transformers has released the final trailer for their movie, here:
 And yeah! And at the best part of this trailer, it has Megatron in it :D But no Sentinel Prime D:<

What the heck man! Why won't they show Sentinel? It's a real rip off that he's not in the trailers. But I think he'll only be in the movie.

Or I think there's another TV spot that shows him. If any of you caught him ever being in the trailers, PLEASE! I BEG YOU! Please, I want a part of Sentinel in the trailer. can don't put it if you don't wanna. But I strongly suggest you do, I dunno. But I just want Sentinel so bad.

And yet he's the original leader of the Autobots :D Jeez, now it appears that there's two autobot leaders.

I dunno but I think all the Prime Brothers are leaders of some sort. Of some sort? Don't I mean Autobots and Decepticons? XD Haha!

I dunno. But nevermind. I just hope to see it tomorrow anyways. I hope the decepticons are dead >:D

I dunno. But maybe I don't want them to. Cuz' I want more epic actions, ya >:D

But yes, I'm watching it with my best and closest cousin. So umm...yeah!

Hope to see you tomorrow and I'll review the movies after a few days. I dunno. I'll check if I have enough time.

We're watching the movie at 19:50. So the movie is about two hours. Hopefully it'll end around 21:00 hours. 

I think I have time but I dunno, I'll just see how things comes and goes. I hope I have an epic day tomorrow. And have a lot of fun :D

And I'm guessing Sentinel is Optimus' master. I dunno but I thought only bad guys have masters. Not really sure.

Cuz' look at this, there's an actual screenshot of Optimus bowing to Sentinel. Here's the screenshot:

Now I gotta admit. This is the best screenshot even took. Yes, that's the actual Sentinel.

As we see in the trailer, Sentinel is in his protoform mode which is yellow. And now he transformed into a rosenbauer firetruck. 

This must be when he arrived to Earth. Anyways, wow! Now I feel really excited. When I go to sleep, I want to sleep immediately. 

Cuz' I can't WAIT for the day to come. Which is tomorrow :P

And there's picture of Sentinel Prime, four of them. Here they are:
This is a picture of him that is about to punch the ground. Awesome.

Or to fly and hit someone while landing. Another one is awesome.

This one has him holding his weapons. His shield and his dagger sword. I dunno why Sentinel does have a fire weapon, here it is:
The back of the shield looks awesome to me even though it's kind of like... nothing.

But I love it though. And Sentinel is actually voiced by Leonard Nimoy. Wow :D I wonder how he'll sound like when he talks as Sentinel. Here's a pic:
Now Leonard for me, is the famous elderly actor I've known. And he's just this good elderly person who deserves to be remembered. 

I mean...this guy is a true wise person. And yet, he's making the voice of Sentinel. I wonder how he'll sound like in the movie.

But I dunno, his voice? I didn't really think it would fit Sentinel. No no, it's good. You do it's just that it feels weird that Sentinel will sound like this :P

And get this, Leonard actually did an alternate version of the Lazy Song dong by Bruno Mars. He looks like a real bastard in that song. But I like it though.

Here's the song:
So anyways, I hope I enjoy the movie and yes, this is my last word.

Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)