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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Papers falling and results

Today. I was on my way home from school. And yes, things have been running real busy. Like super busy.

School is starting to have a lot of business to mind. Today's Wednesday, as you've noticed from the Date Header.

We're going home 2pm for today and tomorrow. Only Friday is 12.30am :D

I usually love Fridays. Not that I love Rebecca Black. I hate her. It's just the freaking time I get to go home. But of course, it's not play, dance around.

I need to study for now. Working hard towards a higher grade

---> nerd face.

I don't really know how to type a nerd emoticon code D:

Yes, that...I know. Besides, it's easy, just a D and two vertical dots.

So I had to go to Google to find it. It's okay. I actually find that nerd smiley real cute. I dunno, I just do. That's why I picked it out of the search results.

Anyways. Today I got a:

Yes it's a C plus. I got 57 out of 80. To a count of 100 marks, I got 71%

Hold on, I think if it's upon 100...umm...I think it's a B. To 80, it's C.

I might eventually go there. But it would be a B minus. Crap. I hope I pass.

Don't wanna end up in the level like this. This stream is easy. I want more of a challenge. So I can learn more for studies.

For those of you who don't know I meant by a challenge, I meant my studies >:(

As you can tell so far, I'm different from this kids. Well, some of them are the same age as me.

But anyway, I just hope I get onto a higher graded class. Now. I was on my way home. Before I was walking to the subway, I'm following my cousin.

She's with two of her friends. There's one that I don't recognize. She must be the one from Girl Guides at my school. And yes, my cousin is too.

Of course she's a girl you idiot! D:<

Anyways umm...then we went out of the school. I had my file on my hand by my side. It's a ring file. And...I had my Science paper in it.

Which was what I was talking about earlier. Yeah, I know, shit me. Never told you earlier :P

When walking towards the side gate, there was actually a bunch of higher level students talking outside the side gate.

As I walk past...I was 6 metres away from me. A twin, yes there's actually twins in the bunch of students. And... they're wearing spectacles. 

You know, as I was walking towards them, I thought they're gonna pick on me. I was lucky that never layed a single fingerprint on me. Except for my paper that he picked up. 

As you've probably know, my paper was in my file, and it doesn't have a punched holes D:

So I just put it there *shaking no*

Should've asked though. So he picked up the I stopped near him. He stick his hand out with the paper. I tried grabbing the paper. But he won't let go. 

I thought he was waiting for me to pull it real hard and then let go. And of course, I fall back. But I didn't :D

He didn't wanna give me the paper yet because he wanna make sure I learnt my mistake >:(

Of course I will. Who does he think he is? I'm younger than him. He doesn't have the right to talk to me like that. I dunno him that well. I only recognize his face.

And his twin brother. Then a friend of he's is well...kind. He knows that I'm just a younger than them. So he take the paper from the twin and give it to me.

I appreciated that. Yeah...people in my school are not much of a "small-boy bully".  

After that, I have to run back to my cousin and her friends to the subway. And my cousin is taking the subway with her friends to this unrecognizable friend of my cousin's. 

Now I can't remember her face that well. Just yet. And my cousin is going to her house. So both of them are going down to the subway.

I catched up of course. And umm... they board the train on the other side. After that train departs... my train arrives. Then I went in. This subway carriages are only three.

Each of them are VERY long. I was in the second carriage. Sitting near the connected hard rubber joints. And then the train was filled fully.

Then an old man saw my paper dropped onto the floor again. It fell onto the left side of the train if you're facing the front of the train.

When he saw it, he told me that he thought I dropped a paper there. I put my bag back onto the seat and go picked it up. A small boy or a girl picked it up and gave it to me.

Thanks for that though. Strange O_O

Anyways. When I set down I whispered thank you to that old man. He closed his eyes and noded. Telling me that it's okay. Like he's welcome and that he's being nice to me O_O

Wow. I've never felt like this before. When I got off the train my eyes were opened wide O_O

Man gotta stop that. It's okay.

I was telling to myself...what the heck was I doing? Look at the way I whispered the apologizing to him. I felt like a girl. SHIT, SHIT SHIT!!!

Sorry about that swearing.

But it's okay. I'm a good person. I usually talk to people like this. That old man was with his wife.

So yes. Anyways, I walked home and today my cheeks light up red. As you can probably tell, I'm embarassed. But I tell myself it's okay. 

Everybody's gotta get embarrassed once in their life to know what it's like to be embarrassed.

It's what make us humans. We learn from mistakes and make sure the future doesn't comes again like this.

Many people have said that. So yes, I've learnt my mistake. We learn and we gain knowledge in LIFE. Life is very important. Depends on mistakes to be learnt.

Anyways. I've been writing a thousands words now. I dunno why Blogger can hold a limitless amount of character. Yes I don't think it ever has a limit at all.

Alright so's Wednesday. Mom's coming back home :D 

Good to hear that. It was actually only five days. Including this one. She's probably coming somewhere around the night or mid. 

Okay. So ummm... don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)