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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My imbecile computer and class excursion

God damn it I hated it when this happens to me. You know, I've already told myself I hate travelling. And yet this happened. Now most of the class and I are going to Indonesia.

Yeah, Indonesia. That sucks, right? I dunno it is held as long as 3 days and 2 nights. Which to me, it sucks asses a lot. I hate camps that last 3 days. They just do >:( I hate these camps.

In fact I hate every single camp I've been to. And I always try my best to get my way out of the camp as to not going from the start. Obviously I can't tell my mom or my dad.

Or else I'll be going for sure :( And now they did it. They called my mom and inform her about this trip to Indonesia. What an imbecile this is.

And I'm pretty sure that's a name calling but I don't care. Because it doesn't matter. It has to ruin my good March holidays. Yeah I have holidays from 10 to 18 of March.

And it took out 3 days of my daily holiday fun D:< What if I miss something that the family did when I'm in Indonesia? I'm gonna miss it for sure.

I would rather spend time being in where I live than having an excursion to Indonesia. So it's both an excursion and a camp. It's gonna get filthy and dirty and messy and polluted...and...all the possible ways of dirty stuff getting in your way.

I actually hope I don't get sick or anything when I get there. I don't want it to be so hectic that I have to go to the washroom and everything. And we're having our nights at a resort.

I personally didn't think Indonesia's resorts would look that good. I'm not sure if it's like the resorts we have here in America.

I use to go Indonesia once and let me tell you, that trip ruin the first day. It was with my dad. The two of us only. And I forgot who I had with in that trip.

But I don't care. I just get things done in the trip and after all that sh**ty perdongkadong. I forgot the details. Cuz' I freaking DON'T CARE!

That's right, I said it. I don't care! I hate camps throughout my entire school life. I never loved camps at all. I don't care if I don't learn anything from there.

All I want is to be at home with my mom, my dad and my siblings. That's all. I don't have to do sh** and go all miserable. I miss my mom the most when I'm in camps. 

I try to hide my tears as best as I can so I don't get caught as to get humiliated or get a talk about why I have tears of misery.

Although sometimes I just can't help it ;( I can't go throughout my days without my mother when I'm in camps. I'm just loyal, that's all. But I just didn't like her nagging and all.

Sometimes it's just really unreasonable and therefore, annoying DX

And lastly but not least, my PC. I fixed it and it's still the slow ass pig who can't seem to finish a damn xxx futanari. Been doing it since 3 days ago and now I haven't even submit one onto both DirtyDirtySam and deviantART 

Everytime I fill colors, draw curves&straight lines, erase, minimize, slows down like a turtle. At least it's better than a freaking slow snail. It lags :(

Man I hate it when this happens. And now the Indonesia excursion has to step in the way and delay the submission. I just dunno why I'm so stupid to myself sometimes. 

And made things worse by the only me. I just wish I can control myself and make everything turn out the way as I planned. I just wish I know what's missing and happened to me lately.

I felt like I changed. In a bad way that doesn't meet or exceed my expectations. I hate hectic lives. I just wish this excursion is the last it'll ever be.

No more trips for the rest of the year. Or better, not at all from now before this one coming soon. Anyways I wish everything in this camp exceeds my expectations. I do ):<

So I gotta go sleep now since it's 12am already. Night night. Comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)