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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Name Is Lincoln soundtrack for both Avatar and The Island

Everyone of you should listen to this magnificent and beautiful music. It's just like a music that you listen when you are walking a path. 

A path to success. I bet everyone loves that kind of feeling. It just feels so good to be here. It's just so beautiful.

It's also a music that helps everyone in life, and tells us to just keep moving forward. Our goal awaits us...

Let the beauty within you shine. Let people know who you are. The TRUE you. Oh my god, you guys should listen to this, it makes me wanna cry with joy (; 

I guarantee everyone will love this song. Anyways, this was also one of my old posts. I make this one better. 

But just see the sceneries in the video and the music. It's like I said, beautiful and peace. Okay well, I'll go and enjoy the music.