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Monday, May 30, 2011

The A380 vs The B777-300ER

This is an epic race between the A380 and the Boeing 777-300ER. Two latest aircraft that ever came from Airbus and Boeing.

This epic race will show who's the best. Clearly there's one thing weird about the planes flying so close to each other.

From what I know, planes can't fly that close because it'll cuz' cause disastrous turbulence. Usually because the engines blow powerful air at the rear of the engines.

But there's one part where they're landing. I dunno why the heck the triple seven fly away from the A380.

Is he trying to let the A380 win? Guess not. The A380 did touched down first but the B777 reached it's finish point FIRST earlier than the A380.

So this video proves one thing, that the not always the fatest. That tells us that the B777 won :D

Yay my favourite plane won >:D Take that 380! >:)

But no, I'm not trying to offend to A380. It's also my favourite plane. But I love the B777 more that I kept supporting it throughout the entire video.

And this video does make sense. The A380 is the most heaviest plane and that makes it slower. Yes, it's far more slower than the 747.

That's why it needs 4 engines to force the plane to get it off the runway. The B777 is lighter and it can lift off the ground faster than the A380.

Yes and the smaller it is...the faster it goes. Okay so have an epic day and I'll see you guys...when I see you guys. Heh heh, I learnt that from iSekC. Click on this subscribe button to subscribe to him:

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