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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Piranha 3D Review

Man I HATE this movie. You gotta stop watching this movie after you did once. 

I was horrified, terrified, bloody-minded by this movie. Dun talk to me about zombies, cuz' this are ALSO scary. 

I just hope this movie didn't come out on theaters in this year. Or else I would've got frighten by the movie on big screen at the cinemas. I would've chunk the meat of me. Yuk. That's makes me wanna puke, or even worse, die.

Nah nah, I was just kidding. Shit, I dun wanna die. Besides, nobody does.

I mean, who likes to die in a way that will cause all the meat in you go SPLAT!!!! Once, more this movie is like a perfect fit for the horror category on websites right now.

This was actually a 2010 movie. Glad I didn't see it. Not until today. Shitty, I hate it that this Piranhas exist. I wish there was no such thing as a piranha. Or any kind of fish that looks like a huge flesh eating fish that is smaller than a shark.

You know, sometimes the biggest, is not the strongest. Like a human body, it takes so many piranhas to pull the shit out of you. Oh my god, why is this movie even created anyway.

Sometimes extinction of some animals may survive in some ways. Depends, like those things people said about on Lost Tapes. The episode where a plesiosaur attacks a diver.

At least that's better than a pack of piranhas eating you. They eat you till your skeleton is showing with all the meat in the piranha's stomach.

They'll go "YUM!!!!" after that. Now the piranha I'm talking about is not those piranhas that are small with teeth. They look something like this:
  Ya I know, it's like a dragon piranha version. 

Except that it has a big body that's two times the size of it's head. It has those dragon gills sticking out at the back of it's head.

And it has a damn big bunch of killer teethes. Sharper than normal piranhas. I dunno why it has a tail that doesn't have a fin. Or maybe it's transparent. 

I mean come on, a fish must have a fin to swim. Or else it'll just lie in the water waiting for a whale or a shark to eat it. It is possible that a whale could kill you. I dunno if their teeths are hard. I think it is. 

Cuz' I'm now thinking about Finding Nemo. Lol. Anyways, the scene was when the whale started opening it's big mouth and close them into the mouth.

You guys probably seen the movie. That happened.

Anyways, I didn't wanna put a trailer for this review cuz' I'm sort of scared that it'll make me all timid again. Anyways, ya, actually I didn't wanna came up with this review cuz the movie was too scary.

But then now I'm relaxed and all so I decided to change my mind. Heh heh. But trust me, you don't wanna watch this movie again. No sir, no way I'm getting my mouse on that movie.

Not even a single move to make the movie play. Cuz it's shitty and crappy. I dun wanna scare myself again so ya. 

Well, I gotta admit, there was just one part I liked about the movie. Where there's a part where the penis is actually showing. It's true, it is shown in this video that actually comes from the movie:

I only like this part of the movie. But I just dunno, what kind of director wants a penis in his movie. Maybe the director is a pervert or something.

Another thing is the end of the movie. Where the doctor found out that the piranha that they were hunting for, was a baby, SHIT!

And then a big huge adult piranha came out jumping and grab the guy into the lake. Actually no the credits started after the adult piranha splashed him down the water.

I hope that's it. I had enough of all this violence. Pretty soon the franchise is gonna lose money if they continue to do this. Well, now I'm done. I'm gonna go play some CS:S Beta now. Bye!